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Bob and Ray Pitch Arizona Bank With BC-Humorous Ads

May 11, 1986 GMT

NEW YORK (AP) _ Comedians Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding have posed for the past three years as Easterners trying to break into the Western banking business in an advertising campaign for Arizona Bank of Phoenix.

The radio, television and print campaign has boosted awareness of the bank and helped it maintain its share of the market while the shares held by larger banks have slipped, said Geoffrey Tookey, account supervisor for the bank’s ad agency, D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles of Los Angeles.

Here is a script from one of the radio commercials called ″Leave Me Alone,″ which was used in early 1984:


(The sounds of chirping birds)

Bob: Are you sure this bullhorn idea is going to work?

Ray (speaking through the bullhorn): Come out. We know you’re in there. You 3/8 Yeah, you in the brown house 3/8 You really need a home improvement loan.

Man: Get outta here.

Bob: But what about the Arizona Bank.

Ray: Let them get their own bullhorn.

Bob: No, I mean everybody already knows the Arizona Bank has loans for everything. From blimps to boats ...

Ray: Boats 3/8 That’s a good one. (Bullhorn) Hey you 3/8 Imagine how nice a beautiful boat would look in the front of this dump.

Man: Get off my lawn.

Ray: OK, OK.

Bob: And Ray, don’t forget the Arizona Bank has terrific rates.

Ray: Well, once people realize that the Bank of Bob and Ray has (through bullhorn) dough to blow (resume normal voice) they’ll all forget about the Arizona Bank. Watch this. (Bullhorn) Hey lady, can we lend you some money.

Lady: Leave me alone.

Bob: Nice work. Our first customer.

Announcer: For business or consumer loans, the Arizona Bank. It’s pretty hard to beat.

End Adv Sunday May 11