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Blaux Portable AC: New July Personal Air Cooler Scam Report Details

Homewood IL, United States, July 1 2020 (Wiredrelease) Marketing by Kevin, LLC. Blaux Portable AC is a personal air conditioner that is a mini desktop unit that can start the rapid cooling process in just 30 seconds. Never before has the kind of portable air conditioning customization been available to consumers worldwide and the buzz has not disappointed to-date. However, many consumers are questioning the legitimacy of the trending Blaux AC unit and whether or not the newly-released Blaux Portable AC scam likelihood is a real concern or not.

While the verdict may still be formulating on whether or not Blaux Portable AC is a scam, there are a few misconceptions that seem to be arising that will be addressed below in further detail. For quick reference, all signs point to the patented name brand air conditioners from Blaux to be 100% real, authentic and high quality with a reputable company backing and managing the process (details below too).

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First, now is a good time to cover the basics of the Portable AC by Blaux and then get into the nitty gritty analysis of why the Blaux Portable AC scam scare is merely a mix up in consumer complaints and expectation demands. Lets review Blaux Portable AC units features to see what the worlds most popular personal air conditioner has to offer as consumers look for viable solutions to beat the summer heat and escape the hot and humid temperatures happening in this summer.

What is the Blaux Portable AC?

The Blaux Portable Air Cooler works exceptionally well given its lightweight car battery-size and multi-functional feature list for when it comes to not only chilling and purifying the air, but functions as a moisturizing humidifier too. Its compact and durable so that it can be taken anywhere, even to the gym or on a vacation or used a nighttime with a built-in illumination of 7 different mood lighting colors. It only needs to be connected to a USB port or a standard electrical outlet, and its ready to do its job efficiently with grade-A energy use. The Blaux Portable AC unit can be used both outdoors and indoors.

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How Does Blauxs Portable AC Work?

Blaux Portable AC applies principles from Nature when it comes to the way it cools the air. In other words, it features an evaporative filter that takes in hot stuffy dry air and turns into cool, clean, and moisture it. When it comes to how this AC unit should be operated, things are straightforward. It just needs to be plugged to a power source, has its speed of the thermostat set and after turned on.

With its thermal electric cooling plates and ability to exercise the Peltier Effect successfully for cooling and refreshing the air, the Blaux Portable AC helps change the temperature of the rooms climate using a voltage-differing thermoelectric process that uses two electrical junctions to help shift the hot air into cool air.

Blaux Portable AC doesnt use any freon or outside chemicals, which means its environmentally friendly and, at the same time, energy-efficient. It weighs only 2.2 pounds and has the 11.46.9x inch dimensions, so even an older child can carry it. Blaux Portable AC applies the natural principle of water evaporation, all without using any dangerous chemicals.

The 3-fan speed variety of chill, chilly and chilled offer a great customary convenience to those users who want a low, medium or high airflow power blowing from the personal portable desktop air conditioner unit from Blaux. With a rechargeable battery and refillable water tank, the Blaux Portable AC is a very natural and green way to cool the air around the room being occupied. The water in the 300ml tank helps initiate the Peltier effect, which is defined as The thermoelectric effect is the direct conversion of temperature differences to electric voltage and vice versa via a thermocouple. Thermoelectric devices create a voltage when there is a different temperature on each side by Wikipedia.

A 4-1-1 Review of the Blaux Portable AC

Some portable air conditioners feature a technologically advanced proximity motion sensor, but the Blaux Portable AC starts only when it turned on manually versus detecting movements. This helps with reduced consumption of energy and ensuring it is used when and how want and also offers less prone defectable parts to go wrong that some of these cheaper portable AC units have.

Instead of when there are more than 2 minutes of complete inactivity around a portable AC, or having a built-in motion sensor turns the unit off, the Blaux Portable AC jam packs other features that are more useful and beneficial in comparison to nearly all of the available portable air conditioning systems. Blaux Portable AC is considered to be a revolutionary AC unit precisely for this reason is that it packs a punch only where consumers need it most.

As the perfect desk buddy during a sweltering hot and humid summer days where the scorching heat seems unbearable, whether at home or the office, the Portable Blaux rechargeable air conditioning unit that only uses a Type-C cable (included in purchase) not only cools the air via replaceable water curtains, but also captures and filters dust particles while doubling up as a mini humidifier.

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Whether used for personal use or entire room cool downs, the energy bill savings the Blaux Portable AC will be felt this summer as the level of customization and personalization when it comes to portable air conditioners has never been offered like it is today, in the summer of 2020.

Where Can Blaux Portable AC Be Used?

Blaux Portable AC can be used in any place that has access to either a USB port or a standard electrical outlet. Its a rather low-profile AC unit that increases comfort in offices, homes, RVs, and even on boats or patios. Furthermore, it can cool the air when the temperature is scorching hot, for example, how it is in a kitchen or on terraces exposed to sunlight the entire day.

What Can Blaux Portable AC Do?

Blaux Portable AC provides the most efficient cooling, purifying, and humidifying of the air, all reducing the costs for the energy bill. This is because, as mentioned earlier, its equipped with a technologically advanced motion sensor that has it turning off or on whenever it detects movement. Furthermore, its portable and can be put in any room of the house, not to mention it can be used outdoors too. It only needs to be plugged into a power source and have water added, and its ready to work.

Why Is Blaux Portable AC Worth the Money?

Blaux Portable AC offers excellent value for the money and comes at a very affordable price. Besides, it dramatically reduces the energy bill and is environmentally friendly, all without using any chemicals to cool and purify the air, also to regulate humidity. Its equipped with an Advanced Proximity Motion Sensor, 3 Speed Control, LED Night Light, and a Reusable Filter. At the same time, its compact and lightweight, so easy to carry anywhere, on vacation, at the gym, or the office. It can work in sweltering temperature conditions and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Besides, it functions as an air conditioner, a humidifier, and an air purifier too, so its a 3in1 AC unit.

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Low Noise

Blaux Portable AC doesnt make any loud noises when in use, which means it allows its users to peacefully do their work and even sleep while its operating. Not even those with very sensitive hearing will be bothered by the sound this device makes, seeing this sound is under 40 dB.

How Much Does Blaux Portable AC Cost?

Blaux Portable AC can be bought online only on the official website. Its usual price is $178, but now theres an exclusive 50% OFF offer on it, offer that may not last for too long. Its shipped worldwide and the favorite portable AC unit in the US, Canada, and Germany. The fact that its effortless to operate makes it even more appealing. Even people who hate having to deal with technology can learn how to use it in only 1 minute.

Consumers can buy Blaux Portable AC units for as low as $85 per unit when buying four at a time. This is one of the cheapest yet multi-functional portable air conditioners on the market and Blaux also offers a wearable air cooler that wraps around the neck too.

Together, the Blaux AC family of personal portable air conditioners includes the Blaux Portable AC and the Blaux Wearable AC.

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For those interested in both, can also click the link below and order the Blaux Personal Fan that is great for on the go portability much like the mini standalone air conditioner.

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Contact Blaux

By Email:
By Phone: Northern America (a (toll free): 844 846 5344
United Kingdom Ireland: 03308 082207
Australia New Zealand: (08) 7282 2012

COMPANY ADDRESS: Strong Current Enterprises Limited 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

The company does mention shipping delays and pre-order status updates regarding the Blaux Portable AC on the official website. There are even blurbs taken directly from the official Blaux website about the COVID-19 challenges and how shipping turnaround times are influenced by the logistics and supply chain delays. Blaux customer service support team page goes on to say Due to these delays we have experienced an overwhelming amount of calls, emails and chats and kindly ask for your patience and trust your order will be delivered. Once your order has been shipped you will receive an email with all your tracking information.

Most of the consumer complaints and scam arguments about Blaux Portable AC seem to all be based on slow shipping speeds. Based upon multiple research efforts and reports available online, the Blaux Portable AC scam concept appears to be largely based on not getting their personal portable air conditioners in fast enough times than expected upon initially ordering. There are not any negative complaints about the Blaux Portable AC air cooler regarding its power, performance or effectiveness so far online.

Final Words About Blaux Air Conditioners

In closing, there is a great discovery worth sharing by the acclaimed Yale University Economist, William Nordhaus, who created a mapping analysis that found that individuals living and operating in cooler climates generated 12 times the economic production versus their counterparts living in the hottest climates across the globe.

Whether that is a macro viewpoint or not, most consumers can related to overheat-related fatigue, exhaustion and energy draining heatwave effects. Add in the fact that todays polluted, disease-ridden environment is hard to keep peace of mind and know whether or not safe, pure air is being breathed in or not the Blaux Portable AC offers a little bit of everything when it comes to rapid cooling and air purifying benefits.

Between the fact that the Blaux Portable AC adds moisture back into the air, which can prevent drying out and irritation of the skin, eyes, and nasal passages too. The three simple steps of adding water, soaking the replaceable water curtain and turning it on is all it requires to get the full benefits of the multi-faceted, 3-in-1 air cooler, air purifier and air humidifier from Blaux. With 3-Cooling Fan Modes, rechargeable battery, modern and compact layout, noise-free, energy bill savings, easy to clean filter with advanced filtering and cooling technologies, the Blaux Portable AC is the number one item on the must-have list of summer 2020.

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The following review and scam analysis of the Blaux Portable AC and Blaux Wearable AC will be updated and maintained as new user feedback and comments file in.

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