Sen. Sasse says real question in climate change is what to do about it

November 27, 2018 GMT

WASHINGTON D.C. - A White House reports says America’s economy will be threatened by climate change if something isn’t done about it and a Nebraska Senator is calling on lawmakers to act.

United States Sen. Ben Sasse says in an interview with Fox News he agrees with the report’s conclusion and that Capitol Hill needs to start discussing possible solutions.

“I think reasonable people can differ about how much or and how rapidly, but I think its clear that its changing and humans are a contributing factor,” says Sasse. “I think the real question is what you do about it.”

For starters, Sasse suggests the U.S participate in a long-term conversation about how to create innovative solutions, noting that dialogue can’t begin with “alarmism.”


“And right now that’s not really what I get from most of the people who make this a top two or three issues for themselves,” Sasse says.

The senator also recognizes climate change is a global issue that must be addressed by all governments, but not in an unfair way, as he argues was the case with the Paris Climate Accords.

“Things like the Paris Climate accords tend to be more binding on us than on other nations, and that’s not good for the U.S consumer and it’s not a long-term solution,” according to Sasse.

Sasse notes China and other countries with rapidly expanding middle classes, will have a large role to play in combating the crisis.