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McDonalds Launches the “McCrabcake″

June 5, 1992 GMT

CHESTER, Md. (AP) _ Hold the lettuce, hold the mayo, forget the ketchup and the pickle. Here comes McDonald’s ″McCrabcake.″

The fast food giant has begun selling the little patties, famous in Maryland, at 23 outlets this summer on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

But not everyone is happy about the crab cake’s grab at the bigtime.

″It’s all over, forget it; this is a sad, sad state of affairs,″ said Tom Swearman, who catches crabs in the Wye River.

Swearman and other skeptics packed a McDonald’s on Kent Island at noontime Thursday to see how McDonald’s version stacks up against their homespun favorites.

Some of the crab cake aficionados said the fast-food version was ″really pretty tasty″ and ″better than I expected,″ but others were not so generous. Swearman’s wife, Marge, said she would order one again if she was ″desperate and penniless.″

The McCrabcake is served on the same buns used for Big Macs and has the basic crab taste of Maryland crab cakes, but with little of the spicy zing. They sell for $2.99.

The Queenstown company that supplies McDonald’s with the 2.75-ounce frozen crab patties is hoping the product takes off.

″Hey that’s how the fish sandwich got its start. They sold them in a McDonald’s in Cincinnati on Friday, when people couldn’t eat meat,″ said Joseph L. Bernard, president of Wye River Inc.

He said the crab cakes, which contain crab meat as well as mustard, mayonnaise, cracker crumbs and special seasoning, are deep fired in the same way the company cooks its french fries.

″It’s a fabulous crab cake, a classy crab cake,″ Bernard said.