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Richard Burton’s will probated

March 23, 1985 GMT

HAMILTON, Bermuda (AP) _ Richard Burton left the bulk of his $2.7 million estate to his fourth wife and nothing to Elizabeth Taylor, the actress he married twice, according to the actor’s will that was probated Friday.

Television producer Sally Burton’s inheiritance includes Burton’s homes in Haiti and in Switzerland, where the Welsh actor died of a cerebral hemorrhage last August.

Burton left nearly $350,000 each to Katherine and Jessica Burton, his daughters from his first marriage to Sybil Williams, and $279,000 to Maria Burton, whom he and Miss Taylor adopted.


He also left $15,000 each to his former step-children, Liza Todd and Christopher Wilding - Miss Taylor’s daughter and son from her marriages to entrepreneur Mike Todd and actor Michael Wilding.

Burton also left $15,000 each to several other people, including his four surviving brothers and sisters; Bob Wilson, his wardrobe assistant, and Ron Berkeley, his makeup man.

Born Richard Jenkins, the actor took his stage name from Philip Burton, a Welsh school teacher who encouraged his interest in the theater and taught him the rudiments of drama. Burton also remembered his mentor, now retired and living in Key West, Fla., with $15,000.

Burton drew up his will in December 1983. He apparently picked Bermuda for tax reasons. None of the beneficiaries was present Friday when the will was probated in the Supreme Court.