Suicide bombings in Turkey since July 2015

June 29, 2016 GMT

ISTANBUL (AP) — A look at the suicide bombings in Turkey since July 2015:

— June 28, 2016 — Suicide attackers killed at least 36 people and wounded more than 140 at Istanbul’s busy Ataturk Airport. Turkish officials said the explosions were probably the work of Islamic State group militants.

— March 19, 2016 — A suicide bombing rocked Istanbul’s main pedestrian street killing five people, including the bomber, whom authorities identified as a Turkish national linked to IS. Like in the prior attacks blamed on IS, there was no claim of responsibility from the group.

— March 13, 2016: A Kurdish woman blew herself up in a car at a busy transport hub in Ankara, killing 37 people in an attack that was also claimed by TAK, also known as the Kurdish Freedom Falcons.

— Feb. 17, 2016: A suicide car bomb apparently targeting military personnel in Ankara killed 29 people in an attack claimed by TAK, an off-shoot of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which Turkey considers a terrorist organization.

— Jan. 12, 2016: A suicide bomber blew himself up in the historic district of Istanbul, killing 12 German tourists. Authorities said the attack was carried out by an IS-linked Syrian man who had entered the country as a refugee.

— Oct. 10, 2015: Twin suicide bombings hit a peace rally outside Ankara’s train station, killing 102 people. There was no claim of responsibility but Turkish authorities blamed the attack on a local cell of IS.

— July 20, 2015: A Turkish national who was an ethnic Kurd blew himself up in in the southern border town of Suruc, killing 33 mostly-Kurdish activists and wounding nearly 100 others in an attack authorities blamed on the Islamic State group.