Mayor chides Jimmy Fallon for lame Philadelphia ‘SNL’ accent

October 10, 2016 GMT

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is taking Jimmy Fallon to task for his lame Philly accent on “Saturday Night Live.”

Fallon and Tina Fey were portraying undecided suburban Philadelphia women during a sketch while discussing the presidential campaign.

Fey nailed her Philly accent — likely because she grew up in suburban Philadelphia. But Fallon struggled with his, prompting the Democratic mayor to tweet advice, including where to buy the best hoagies in the city.

Kenney tweeted: “Eyetalian hoagies are best for Iggle’s game!” referring to the city’s NFL team.

Fallon broke into laughter during the skit when he stumbled over the Philadelphia pronunciation of several words, finally saying, “I apologize. I’ve been on vacation so my accent ...”

Fallon later tweeted, “I’m off to Philly to work on my accent.”