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Bagels Were First Baked in 1683 With BC-Bagel Wars

May 25, 1986 GMT

Undated (AP) _ Here is the history behind the bagel, according the Lender’s Bagel Bakery:

It is said the bagel was first baked in 1683, in Vienna, Austria, when a baker created a gift for the King of Poland for saving his country from Turkish invaders. The hard roll was shaped to resemble a stirrup - called a ″beugel″ in Austria - and was said to commemorate the king’s favorite pastime, horseback riding.

Bagels then spread from country to country. In Poland, they were given as gifts to women in childbirth for good luck in producing a healthy child. And mothers gave them to their infants to use as teething rings.


In Russia, bagels - called bubliki - were sold in strings.

The bagel was brought to the United States by emigrants in the 1920s. At first bagels were primarily a Jewish food, but their popularity has spread and increased steadily over the years.

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