Jimmy Carter on Bernie: ‘Y’all see why I voted for him?’

May 9, 2017 GMT

ATLANTA (AP) — Count Jimmy Carter among the Democrats with a political crush on Bernie Sanders. So much so that the former president suggests he voted for Sanders over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential primary.

Carter and Sanders appeared together Monday at The Carter Center in Atlanta.

At one point, the Vermont senator launched into a version of his populist campaign pitch.

When Sanders finished railing against a growing American oligarchy, Carter smiled and said, “Y’all see why I voted for him?”

Clinton trounced Sanders in Georgia’s primary, regardless of Carter’s preference.

Carter has never had a cozy relationship with Clinton or her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Still, Carter last fall said he planned to vote for Hillary Clinton over Republican Donald Trump. Carter noted then that both candidates were unpopular.