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Cameron Crowe Shooting Film in Kentucky

July 26, 2004 GMT

VERSAILLES, Ky. (AP) _ Cameron Crowe said he’s happy to be filming his latest movie, ``Elizabethtown,″ in Kentucky _ a state he said his father loved and often visited.

Crowe, the director of ``Jerry Maguire″ and ``Almost Famous,″ said two of his uncles lived in Stanton, and he visited the state as a child. Crowe has been shooting scenes for the movie recently in Versailles, near Lexington.

The movie’s title is named for a small town near Louisville.

``I really like that corridor of travel between Nashville and Louisville. And I like the idea that two of the characters live along that road. There’s one part of the story where they need a place to meet up. Oddly enough, Elizabethtown was the perfect place for them to meet,″ Crowe said in an interview with The Courier-Journal of Louisville for Sunday’s editions.

The film stars Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. Crowe said his late father would enjoy the film.

``‘Almost Famous’ was a lot about my mom, and this one is a lot about my dad,″ Crowe said. ``He was able to see me become a director and put out a movie that Siskel and Ebert had given a really great review. And he had come back to Kentucky and told his friends all about it.″