David Perdue unfazed by film boycott over Georgia abortion bill: ‘Life is precious’

May 13, 2019 GMT

Sen. David Perdue on Monday dismissed calls from film companies and actors to boycott Georgia after a new, restrictive abortion bill became law, saying the new law solves “a moral issue.”

“Georgia has moved in this area, this governor did exactly what the state legislature voted to do, what the voters asked them to do, and it’s the law of the land today,“the Republican senatorsaidon Fox News Network’s “Fox Friends.”

“Life is precious. I think this vote shows that. This is not a radical right or liberal left issue here in Georgia. It’s a moral issue, and I think the people of Georgia have spoken,” he said.


Mr. Perdue praised Georgia’s film industry and claimed the production companies that threatened boycotts had never used Georgia as a location.

“These companies are there for a reason. Georgia does more traditional movie production than any other state including California. A lot of infrastructure has been built down there, a lot of sound stages,” he said.

“It’s ironic that several of these companies that are threatening to boycott have yet to do business in Georgia. It shows the rhetoric is more important than reality,” Mr. Perdue said.

At least three production companies and a hundred actorsthreatenedboycotts of the state after Gov. Brian Kempsignedan abortion law into effect Tuesday that would prevent abortions if doctors can detect a fetus’ heartbeat, which can be detected up to six weeks into pregnancy before a woman may know she is pregnant.