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Donald and Ivana Go On Shopping Spree at Kmart

September 13, 1991 GMT

SANATOGA, Pa. (AP) _ When Donald and Ivana Trump dropped their son off at prep school this week, they did what most other parents do - they hit the back-to-school sales at a local department store.

The former couple Wednesday brought their son, Donald Jr., to The Hill School, a prep institution in Pottstown, Montgomery County, located about an hour’s drive from Philadelphia.

They stopped in the local Kmart, filling two carts full of items the young Trump will need while living at the school.

″It was a little more exciting than your typical K Mart day,″ said Mary Haraczka, assistant store manager.

The New York developer, known for naming his plazas, casinos and other luxury items after himself, loaded up on sheets, comforters and other common place essentials needed for dorm life.

Haraczka refused to say how much the Trumps spent, ″but we’ve had orders that large before. It was typical of what you would give for school or college. Shampoos, things like that.″

Ivana, dressed in a bright orange top and mini skirt, with orange high- heels, said little as she tooled around the store with her famous ex- husband, who wore a Navy blue suit, white shirt, and his signature red tie.

″They were very civil to each other,″ Haraczka said. ″He was very pleasant, generally a nice person.″

Most of the stores customers stopped and watched the famous couple in the ″school supplies″ aisle.

″I almost felt sorry for him,″ said Haraczka. ″You get a little taste of what it must be like living in the fish bowl. He was going through the registers and all the customers are standing here watching him. It must have been very awkward.″

The Trumps were the first customers of the day for cashier Kim Kemp, 21, of Birdsboro.

″Talk about nerves,″ said Kemp, ″Everyone was watching.″

Once all the items were totalled, Trump pulled out his American Express card - which she refused. Kmart doesn’t accept American Express, she said.

He then paid in cash.