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Plastic Surgeon Threatened in Same Suburb Where One Was Killed by Patient

May 11, 1991 GMT

BELLEVUE, Wash. (AP) _ A parcel containing a bullet and a newspaper article about the killing of a plastic surgeon by a disgruntled patient was found outside the office of another plastic surgeon, police said.

The unsealed envelope held a copper-colored handgun slug, possibly a .38- caliber, a newspaper account of the murder of Dr. Selwyn Cohen and a telephone book listing of plastic surgeons in which several were highlighted with a marking pen, said Lt. Bill Quinn.

″This isn’t a joke,″ Quinn said. ″If it is, it’s a very sick one.″

He added that whatever the intent of the sender, ″if someone feels threatened by it, it constitutes a crime.″

Cohen was shot to death in his office last month by a patient who then committed suicide. She had complained of pain after a facelift he performed.

The envelope was found Wednesday by a maintenance worker near an elevator in the underground parking garage of the building where a plastic surgeon works near Overlake Hospital in this Seattle suburb, Quinn said.

A police report said the same worker found a similar envelope Monday but threw it away, believing it was a prank.

The plastic surgeon, who did not want to be identified, told the (Bellevue) Journal-American he spoke with a colleague whose name was among those marked on the list.

″The whole medical community at Overlake was deeply shaken by the tragic, cold-blooded, premeditated murder of Dr. Cohen,″ he said. ″Any hints of hideous acts of a similar nature are being taken very seriously.