Report: Austrian Holocaust denier Gerd Honsik dead at 76

BERLIN (AP) — Gerd Honsik, an Austrian author who was considered a leading ideologue in Europe’s neo-Nazi movement, has died at 76.

The Austria Press Agency reports Honsik died Saturday at his home in Hungary. APA cited “multiple independent sources” in its report Monday.

Honsik was convicted of taking part in far-right attacks in Vienna in the 1960s and later joined the since-banned Austrian far-right party NDP.

Over the following decades he was repeatedly convicted of Holocaust denial and incitement by publishing anti-Semitic and racist books and pamphlets.

Honsik, who sometimes used the pseudonym Endsik — alluding to the Nazi quest for final victory or ‘Endsieg’ — was last released in 2011 having served a prison term in Spain for claiming that the Holocaust was a fabrication.