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1st McDonald’s Snowmobile Drive-Thru

February 24, 2002 GMT

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) _ McDonald’s Corp. has opened its first drive-through restaurant for snowmobilers.

The restaurant opened Saturday on the outskirts of Piteaa, a small city of nearly 42,000 residents about 430 miles (700 kilometers) north of Stockholm, Sweden’s capital.

Eva Olsson, a marketing manager with McDonald’s, said she got the idea after learning that nearly 6,000 snowmobiles were registered in Piteaa.

``Besides, there is a snowmobile track near the restaurant. I contacted the Piteaa Snowmobile Club and asked them if they couldn’t draw the track via our so called drive-thru loop,″ she said.


The club helped get the necessary permit and laid out a new track that includes the restaurant.

Under Swedish law, snowmobiles, with uses ranging from recreation to herding reindeer, must stay on marked routes and owners can be fined if they drive off these tracks.

Riders also can go inside, Olsson said. The parking lot has place for up to 60 snowmobiles and other vehicles at the restaurant simultaneously.