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Table Service and Meal Baskets Offer New Burger King Dinner Twist

September 17, 1992 GMT

MIAMI (AP) _ Burger King thinks it has the solution to an age-old problem for fast-food restaurants - how to attract more customers for dinner.

The answer: Offer meal baskets with everything from shrimp to steak sandwiches delivered right to the tables.

″It’s a bold, big move for Burger King,″ said spokeswoman Cory Zywotow. ″Historically when our consumers think of fast food, they think of breakfast and lunch, and we’ve listened to our consumers who say they really want a different dining experience at dinner.″

Although Burger King sells 2 million of its Whoppers a day, the company discovered people were switching to pizza or some other food other than burgers in the evening.

Consumers also told the No. 2 fast-food chain, after McDonald’s, that they’d like to relax and spend more time over dinner, Zywotow said.

So orders placed at the counter will be served free at tables by employees. Bonuses will include free popcorn and in some cases such sit-down restaurant touches as tablecloths and napkin rings.

And there is an expanded dinner menu featuring shrimp, burgers, chicken fillets and steak sandwich baskets. Baked potatoes are offered as an alternative to french fries, and a choice of salad or cole slaw is available.

The first dinner menus began showing up at Burger Kings nationwide last week. They should be in all the restaurants by October.

Burger King, a subsidiary of Britain’s Grand Metropolitan PLC, and its franchise holders operate 6,400 restaurants in 43 countries. Sales in 1991 were $6.2 billion.