Kim Kardashian West feels ‘overwhelmed’ by fame

April 24, 2018 GMT

Kim Kardashian West sometimes feels “overwhelmed” by her fame.

The 37-year-old reality star - who has three children, four-year-old North, two-year-old Saint, and three-month-old Chicago, with her husband Kanye West - has been a global superstar since the launch of her family’s reality show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ over a decade ago.

And despite being well accustomed to a life in the spotlight, Kim has admitted that even she can feel the pressure of fame from time to time.

When asked how she copes with spending her life in the public eye, Kim said: “Not everyone is made for it, for sure. It does break so many people. There’s times when I definitely feel overwhelmed. People assume that everything is so public, and that you put everything on the show, and that you’re not really entitled to have anything secret or to yourself.”


It isn’t just her reality show that has brought her fame either, as she has also used her star power to make herself a celebrity on social media.

She added: “My career came about at a time when social media was just starting and I took advantage of it and I figured out how to use it to my benefit.”

But although the Internet has its advantages, it also makes it much easier for haters and trolls to target the star, often claiming she’s only “famous for being famous”.

Asked how she deals with those comments, she told Business of Fashion magazine: “People said that about me all the time. And what do you do when you’re just famous for being famous? Well okay, I’m here, does it matter? That title just was stupid to me - always.

“If they are famous for being famous they’re still important; people are still taking their advice; people are still paying attention to them whether they are speaking about fashion or beauty or activism. They’re very important.”