2nd Burlington officer resigns over social media scandal

February 11, 2020 GMT

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — A deputy Burlington police chief who used a fake social media account is resigning, nearly two months after the former police chief resigned for the same reason.

The city reached an agreement with Jan Wright that will be effective on Feb. 21, current Burlington Police Chief Jennifer Morrison said Monday.

“The recent concerns about Deputy Wright’s use of social media have become an impediment to how we interact with and maintain trust with important segments of the Burlington community,” Morrison said in a written statement.

Former Chief Brandon del Pozo resigned in December over using a fake social media account to heckle a critic. Wright was named acting chief. But within hours, Wright, too, said she used a fake Facebook account to engage citizens about police policy. She was demoted to deputy chief and placed on administrative leave. Morrison was named acting chief.


Wright had returned to restricted duty at the end of January and faced an eight-day suspension as discipline, Morrison said. At the time, Wright, in a news release, accepted responsibility for her use of social media and apologized for the impact it has had on the department and the city.

On Monday, the city released the separation agreement with Wright. Until Feb. 21, Wright will work solely on administrative matters, as part of the agreement.

“The Burlington Police Department thanks Jan for over 18 years of outstanding service to the Burlington community and nearly 34 years to the profession,” Morrison said.