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Is TestoGen Better than Unsafe Testosterone Therapy to Treat Lower Testosterone in Younger Men?

September 5, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - September 05, 2020 - TestoGen is amongst the safest alternative to testosterone replacement therapy for both younger and older men. Suspecting a high-quality supplement that boosts testosterone is critical especially when there are a handful of pharmaceutical options. 

But TestoGen lacks the bad parts which Testosterone Replacement Therapy has in its core, the side effects! TestoGen formula may or may not be an FDA approved product but it surely is manufactured under FDA approved lab environment. Men with libido loss and impaired sexual function are using a testogen for electrifying physique and sexual status. TestoGen claims to provide the desired outcomes within two weeks, it naturally boosts the production of testosterone by mimicking the mechanism of natural steroids in the body. 

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In 2020, intense lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak has some implications on the world population. This is indeed a new case study by the American Urological Association which narrates if the 2020’s lockdown is causing the BABY BOOM effect?

The answer to which is simple NO, but the reason behind this is quite disturbing. The study shows that younger men are showing much lower testosterone levels than younger men 20 years ago.

This long and descriptive survey looked at least 4,000 male specimen ages 15-39. The date was marked from 1999-2016. The research mentioned that average testosterone levels in men were about 600 in 1999, whereas in 2016 the value dropped to 450. Increased rate of obesity and heart diseases qualified to be one of the reasons due to changes in diet and overall lifestyle. 

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Millions of men in the US alone use different types of testosterone injections, gels, and patches as a form of testosterone replacement therapy. The purpose is to restore this masculine hormone which underlies so many significant moments a man could have. Pharmaceutical firms have been taking sides for low T-level treatments as they tend to make more money and claim that it makes their customers sharper, focused, and sexually active. On the other hand, if we look at the safety criteria, it is the very testosterone replacement therapy which in some men causes higher risks for cardiac arrest. 

There are bundles of side effects embedded with the testosterone therapy, the treatment arouses the acne formation first, and then comes the breast swelling or tenderness in men which can reach the ankles. Doctors in the United States also keeps the Red Blood Cells count monitored just to see if it could increase the risk of clotting.


Prolonging the testosterone therapy is like inviting higher risks of cardiovascular problems. Men who have been on this therapy for more than a couple of months start having heart attacks, stroke, and deaths from heart conditions. In late 2010, some researchers stopped the testosterone therapy in older men saying that this can cause more heart problems in older patients where the cardiac side effects become more imminent. 

Some physicians reported major concerns about their patients who started to develop prostate cancer due to testosterone therapy. Prostate cancer is common with the Low-T treatments involves the anabolic chemicals. 

Most people are using TestoGen as a muscle-building aid because of its testosterone boosting power. 

TestoGen is widely being used as natural testosterone therapy and the reason for its success is the ZMA complex. The proper combination of Zinc, Minerals, and Amino Acids was clinically tested in the 2000’s study. 

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27 football players who consumed the ZMA complex supplement for 8 weeks found a 32.4% increase in testosterone levels. It was also found that during their workout most of them had positive effects like firm muscle strength, improved IGF-1 levels, and overall body’s well-being.

To understand TestoGen completely, one must first identify all of its 11 ingredients. These are the ingredients that have been obtained from the natural source and so far moving towards the direction that is replacing them into the legal steroids.