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Playboy Says Unsold Book Motive for Centerfold Allegations

October 18, 1985 GMT

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ A former Playboy centerfold linked a call girl ring and drugged sex orgies to the magazine’s publisher Hugh Hefner and told a federal panel probing pornography that rape, attempted suicide and violent crime were part of the Playboy lifestyle.

″I believe Hefner condones illegal activities,″ Miki Garcia, Playboy’s Miss January 1973, told the panel Thursday, adding Playmates ″were involved in an international call girl ring which had ties to the Playboy Mansion.″

Hefner said later that Miss Garcia lied at the hearing to stir interest in an unsold book.


″This ex-employee has been attempting to peddle a book about Playboy which has been rejected by every publisher to whom it has been submitted,″ he said in a statement read by Playboy spokesman Don Rogers.

Miss Garcia, saying Hefner encouraged drug use and coerced Playmates into kinky sex, testified she witnessed a grim side to the Playboy lifestyle while working as director of Playmate Promotions from 1976 to 1982.

The seamier side of Playboy includes rape, physical abuse, illegal drug use, attempted suicide, prostitution, murder, abortions and venereal disease, she said. She noted that she was writing a book about her experiences.

″Miss Garcia is apparently using the commission as a forum to stir interest in her otherwise rejected manuscript,″ Hefner’s statement said. ″Playboy continues to stand for and support a healthy relationship between sexes, free of aggression, coercion and guilt, and will withstand these false statements just as it has withstood similar baseless allegations in the past.″

Miss Garcia spoke on the second day of a two-day hearing announced last May by U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III, who instructed the 11-member pornography commission to conduct a yearlong investigation of the multibillion-dollar sex industry.

″I believe that for the most part the Playmates’ problems were as a result of their association with Hugh Hefner, his friends and Playboy magazine,″ she said.

″For example, at Playboy’s Mansion West, Hefner and his staff encouraged Playmates to use illegal drugs and coerced them into bisexual activities and orgies to satisfy Hefner’s interests.″

Miss Garcia said she has not gone to police because the chief of Playboy security is a former Los Angeles police intelligence officer and ″a major investigation of the Playmates was thwarted.″


Police officials said they have received no complaints from Miss Garcia.

″Any information she provides that warrants an investigation will certainly be followed up by this department,″ Cmdr. William Booth said when told of Miss Garcia’s testimony.

″I hope that my testimony will bring to light the inherent evils within the Playboy organization, and I want the public to recognize that Playboy magazine is not the coffee-table literature that Hugh Hefner says it is but rather a pornographic magazine,″ Miss Garcia told the commission.

Hearings were held earlier this year in Washington, Chicago and Houston, and the panel meets Nov. 20-21 in Miami and Jan. 21-23 in New York to examine child pornography and organized crime’s alleged link to the industry.