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Few Knew Murder Victim Lived Two Lives

June 3, 1996 GMT

PEABODY, Mass. (AP) _ Kristin Crowley was married, worked for a computer company and drove a Ford. Unbeknownst to most of her family, she also worked as an exotic dancer, performing at private parties.

Her other life came to light after she was stalked and killed by two men who encountered her at a mini-mart where she had stopped to buy groceries, a prosecutor said.

The prosecutor, Robert Weiner, stressed that the 27-year-old’s work as a dancer had nothing to do with her murder, an apparently random act of violence outside her middle-class and usually safe condominium complex.


``To my knowledge, she was not an exotic dancer. But I’m her mother, how would I know,″ said Susan Gove, who owns the company in nearby Reading where her daughter worked as a personal computer trainer.

Crowley took the job working as an exotic dancer at bachelor parties and other private functions after graduating from high school in 1987, The Evening News of Salem reported.

The paper also reported that she had quit dancing to work for her mother’s computer training company, but Weiner referred to Crowley as ``an entertainer,″ and said she might have worked at a party earlier in the evening of her murder.

Mrs. Gove spoke after a raucous scene in court as the suspects, Timothy Dykens, 23, of Cambridge, and John P. Keegan, 25, of South Boston, were arraigned on murder charges and ordered held without bail. They pleaded innocent.

Several friends of the victim began shouting and cursing at the pair, and at least three men tried to jump across a cordoned-off area to get at them before Judge Santo Ruma ordered the courtroom cleared.

Friends denied that Crowley had danced at a party earlier Saturday night. They said she had joined them at a nightclub briefly to listen to a band before heading home around midnight.

On the way home, she stopped at a service station-minimart to buy groceries.

It was there, prosecutors allege, that she ran into her assailants. Keegan and Dykens were captured on the store’s video camera, Weiner said Monday.

He said the store’s clerk also reported seeing Keegan look at Crowley and say he ``wanted a piece of that.″ He said the clerk quoted Dykens as saying repeatedly, ``You know what we’ve got to do.″

Authorities, who said the suspects did not know their alleged victim, had been drinking earlier in the night at a strip joint.

Weiner said the pair followed Crowley to her nearby condominium. She was found dead half an hour later in a wooded area off a parking lot of the complex.

Authorities determined she had been struck in the head and neck with a 35-pound rock.

Neighbors heard Crowley’s cries for help, and one reported seeing a pair of women’s underwear lying on a walkway. Weiner said tests to determine whether Crowley was raped will take several weeks to complete.

According to Weiner, a neighbor also saw a man he later identified as Keegan approach the door of Crowley’s condominium and carry off a pair of women’s shoes.

Dykens was taken into custody a couple hours after the crime as he walked along a road with his bloodied shirt in hand, police said. Keegan surrendered Sunday.

On Monday, Crowley’s husband of 18 months mourned privately, while Crowley’s mother cried as told reporters about what a wonderful child she was.

``It’s so unfair,″ Mrs. Gove said. ``She didn’t deserve this.″