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Actor Scott Bakula Says He’s Being Harassed By Fan

August 6, 1996 GMT

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Scott Bakula, who starred in the NBC series ``Quantum Leap,″ believes he is being harassed by a woman convicted of threatening actor Michael J. Fox in 1989.

Bakula contends Tina Marie Ledbetter, 36, of Thousand Oaks sent unsigned letters to him and his girlfriend Chelsea Field, accusing Bakula of betraying his fans by leaving his wife.

``Please announce on nationwide TV that you are NOT divorcing Krista and Chelsea is NOT pregnant with your baby!!″ one letter reads. ``How can you betray your fans!! Do NOT divorce Krista!!!″

On Monday, Bakula was granted a court order telling Ledbetter to stay at least 100 yards from him, his ex-wife Krista Neumann, his girlfriend and three other family members, until an Aug. 19 hearing when a judge will consider extending the order.

Ledbetter also may not ``alarm, annoy or harass,″ Bakula or his family.

On Dec. 15, 1989, Ledbetter pleaded guilty to three felony counts of making terrorist threats against Fox. She was sentenced to three years of probation and ordered to get psychiatric counseling.

Bakula was told of Ledbetter’s past by a security agency that scans his fan mail. He did not accuse her of threatening him, but contends Ledbetter could still be dangerous.

``The emotional strain caused by Ms. Ledbetter’s actions is adversely affecting our personal and professional lives,″ Bakula wrote.

Bakula is starring in a new CBS series, ``Mr. & Mrs. Smith,″ this fall.