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Forbes 400 List of Wealthiest Americans With PM-Richest Rich Bjt

October 14, 1986 GMT

NEW YORK (AP) _ Here is the Forbes magazine 1986 list of the 400 richest Americans in descending order of wealth, showing residence, age, estimated fortune in millions and source of wealth. Figures marked -x indicate the magazine assumed that a common fortune has been divided into equal shares.

Walton, Sam Moore, Bentonville, Ark., 68, $4,500, Wal-Mart Stores

Kluge, John Werner, Charlottesville, Va., 72, $2,500, Metromedia

Perot, Henry Ross, Dallas, 56, 2,500, Electonic data management

Packard, David, Los Altos Hills, Calif., 74, 2,000, Hewlett-Packard

Buffett, Warren Edward, Omaha, Neb., 56, $1,400, Stock market

Wexner, Leslie Herbert, Columbus, Ohio, 49, $1,400, The Limited

Mars, Forrest Edward Jr., McLean, Va., 55, $1,333-x, Candy

Mars, Forrest Edward Sr., Las Vegas, 80s, $1,333-x, Candy

Mars, John Franklyn, Arlington, Va., 51, $1,333-x, Candy

Crown, Lester, Chicago, 61, $1,300, Inheritance, industrialist

Getty, Gordon Peter, San Francisco, 52, $1,200, Inheritance (oil)

Pritzker, Jay Arthur, Chicago, 64, $1,150-x, Financier

Pritzker, Robert Alan, Chicago, 60, $1,150-x, Financier

Hillman, Henry Lea, Pittsburgh, 67, $1,100-x, Industrialist

Anthony, Barbara Cox, Honolulu, $1,100-x, Inheritance

Chambers, Anne Cox, Atlanta, 66, $1,100-x, Inheritance

Helmsley, Harry Brakmann, New York City, 77, $1,100, Real estate

Newhouse, Donald Edward, New York City, 57, $1,150-x, Publishing

Newhouse, Samuel Irving Jr., New York City, 58, $1,150-x, Publishing

Rockefeller, David, New York City and Tarrytown, N.Y., 71, $1,000, Inheritance, banking, real estate

Bronfman, Edgar Miles, New York City, 57, $1,000, Seagram

Davis, Marvin, Denver, Beverly Hills, Calif., 61, $1,000, Oil, entertainment

Annenberg, Walter Hubert, Wynnewood, Pa.; 78, Rancho Mirage, Calif., $1,000, Publishing

Hill, Margaret Hunt, Dallas, 71, $1,000, Inheritance, oil

Hewlett, William Redington, Portola Valley, Calif., 73, $1,000, Hewlett- Packard

Anschutz, Philip Frederick, Denver, $1,000, Oil, investments

LeFrak, Samuel Jayson, New York City, 68, $950, Real estate

Tisch, Laurence Alan, New York City and Rye, N.Y., 63, $950-x, Loews

Tisch, Preston Robert, New York City and Harrison, N.Y., 60, $950-x, Loews

DeBartolo, Edward John, Youngstown, Ohio, 68, $900, Shopping Centers

Ziff, William Bernard, Manalapan, Fla., 56, $900, Publishing

Dorrance, John Thompson Jr., Gladwyne, Pa., 67, $900, Inheritance (Campbell Soup)

Rockefeller, Laurance Spelman, New York City and Tarrytown, N.Y., 76, $900, Inheritance, investments

Schoellkopf, Caroline Rose Hunt, Dallas, 63, $875, Inheritance, oil, real estate

Busch, August Anheuser Jr., St. Louis, 87, $860, Beer

Taubman, Alfred Alfred, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., 61, $800, Real estate, art

Fribourg, Michel, New York City, 73, $800, Grain trader

Bass, Edward Perry, Fort Worth, 41, $800-x, Oil, investments

Bass, Lee Marshall, Fort Worth, 30, $800-x, Oil, investments

Bass, Robert Muse, Fort Worth, 38, $800-x, Oil, investments

Bass, Sid Richardson, Fort Worth, 43, $800-x, Oil, investments

Lupton, John Thomas, Chattanooga, Tenn., 60, $785, Coca-Cola bottler

Mellon, Paul, Upperville, Va., 79, $775, Inheritance

Rockefeller, Winthrop Paul, Winrock Farm, Ark., 38, $750, Inheritance

Goldman, Sol, New York City, 69, $750, Real estate

Weinberg, Harry, Honolulu and Baltimore, 78, $725, Real estate, securities

Murdoch, Keith Rupert, Australia, London, New York City, 55, $725, The News Corp.

Gaylord, Edward Lewis, Oklahoma City, 67, $700, Broadcasting, publishing

Petrie, Milton, New York City and Southampton, N.Y., 84, $700, Petrie Stores

Trump, Donald John, New York City, 40, $700, Real estate

Rollins, Orville Wayne, Atlanta, 74, $675, Entrepreneur

Murdock, David Howard, Bel Air, Calif., 63, $650, Investments

Stern, Leonard Norman, New York City, 48, $650, Pet supplies, real estate

Milliken, Minot King, New York City, 70, $210, Textiles, investments

Milliken, Roger, Spartanburg, S.C., 70, $650, Textiles, investments

Milliken, Gerrish Hill, Greenwich, Conn., and New York City, 69, $425, Textiles, investments

Steinberg, Saul Phillip, New York City, 47, $650, Financier

Kroc, Joan Beverly, La Jolla, Calif., 58, $640, Inheritance

Crow, Trammell, Dallas, 72, $600, Real estate

Cooke, Jack Kent, Middleburg, Va., 73, $600, Real estate, investments, sports

Bren, Donald Leroy, Newport Beach, Calif.; Los Angeles, New York City, 54, $600, Real estate

Koch, Charles de Ganahl, Wichita, Kan., 50, $600-x, Inheritance, oil services

Koch, David Hamilton, New York City, 46, $600-x, Inheritance, oil services

Johnson, Samuel Curtis, Racine, Wis., 58, $600, Johnson Wax Kerkorian, Kirk, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, 69, $600, Investments

Harbert, John Murdoch III, Birmingham, Ala., 64, $600, Construction, investments

Caruth, William Walter Jr., Dallas, 74, $600, Real estate, investments

Moody, Robert L., Galveston, Texas, 51, $570, American National Insurance

Cook, Jane Bancroft, Cohasset, Mass., Sarasota, Fla., 74, $560, Inheritance

Bright, Harvey Roberts, Dallas, 65, $550, Oil, real estate, banks

Carlson, Curtis Leroy, Minneapolis, 72, $550, Entrepreneur

Singleton, Henry Earl, Los Angeles, 69, $550, Teledyne

Wang, An, Lincoln, Mass., 66, $550, Wang Laboratories

Milken, Michael R., Encino, Calif., 40, $500, Financier

Ludwig, Daniel Keith, New York City, 89, $500, Shipping, real estate

Lindner, Carl Henry II, Cincinnati, 67, $500, Insurance, banking

Dyson, Charles Henry, New York City, 77, $500, Conglomerator

Green, Pincus, Zug, Switzerland, 52, $500-x, Commodities trader

Rich, Marc, Zug, Switzerland, 52, $500, Commodities trader

Moore, Jerry J., Houston, 58, $500, Shopping centers

Scaife, Richard Mellon, Shadyside, Pa., 54, $500, Inheritance

Reynolds, Donald Worthington, Las Vegas, 80, $500, Publishing

Forbes, Malcolm Stevenson, Far Hills, N.J., 67, Wealth not listed, publishing

Allbritton, Joe Lewis, Houston, 61, $500, Media, banking

Koch, Frederick Robinson, New York City, 53, $350, Inheritance (oil services)

Koch, William Ingraham, Boston, 46, $500, Inheritance (oil services)

Belfer, Arthur Bejer, New York City, 79, $475, Oil, real estate

Hall, Donald Joyce, Mission Hills, Kan., 58, $450, Hallmark Cards

Marshall, Barbara Hall, Kansas City, Mo., 63, $225, Hallmark Cards

Reid, Elizabeth Ann, Denton, Texas, 65, $225, Hallmark Cards

Copley, Helen Kinney, LaJolla, Calif., 63, $450, Publishing

Paulucci, Luigino Francesco, Duluth, Minn., and Sanford, Fla., 68, $450, Food processing, real estate

Blaustein, Morton K., Baltimore, 59, $450, Inheritance (oil)

Rosenberg, Ruth Blaustein, Baltimore, 87, $225, Inheritance (oil)

Thalheimer, Louis, Baltimore, 42, $225, Inheritance (oil)

Redstone, Sumner Murray, Newton Centre, Mass., 63, $450, Movie theaters, investments

Kalikow, Peter Stephen, New York City, 43, $425, Real estate

Graham, Katharine, Washington, D.C., 69, $410, Washington Post

Stephens, Jackson Thomas, Little Rock, Ark., 64, $400-x, Investment banking, oil and gas, etc.

Stephens, Wilton Robert, Little Rock, Ark., 78, $400-x, Investment banking, oil and gas, etc.

Bechtel, Stephen Davison Jr., San Fancisco, 61, $400, Engineering, construction

Bechtel, Stephen Davison Sr., Oakland, Calif., 86, $400, Engineering, construction

Hearst, George Randolph Jr., Los Angeles, 59, $200, Inheritance, media

Hearst, Hope Chandler, Beverly Hills, Calif., 65, $400, Inheritance, media

Hearst, Randolph Apperson, Hillsboro and Paso Robles, Calif., 70, $400, Inheritance, media

Hearst, William Randolph Jr., New York City, 78, $400, Inheritance, media

Cooke, Phoebe Hearst, Woodside, Calif., 59, $200-x, Inheritance, media

Hobby, Oveta Culp, Houston, 81, $400, Media

Pohlad, Carl R., Minneapolis, 71, $400, MEI Corp., banks, investments

May, Cordelia Scaife, Ligonier, Pa., 58, $400, Inheritance

Pennington, Claude B., Baton Rouge, La., 85, $400, Oil, gas

Park, Roy Hampton, Ithaca, N.Y., 76, $400, Park Communications

Disney, Roy Edward, Los Angeles, 56, $400, Walt Disney Productions, broadcasting

Hunt, Nelson Bunker, Dallas, 60, $400, Inheritance, oil, real estate

Louis, John Jeffry Jr., Winnetka, Ill., 61, $400, Inheritance

Rich, Robert Sr., Buffalo, N.Y., 73, $400, Rich Products

Knight, James Landon, Miami, 77, $385, Knight-Ridder

Kelly, William Russell, Troy, Mich., 80, $380, Kelly Services

Avery, Alice O’Neill, West Los Angeles, 69, $375-x, Inheritance (real estate)

O’Neill, Richard Jerome, San Juan Capistrano, Calif., 63, $375-x, Inheritance, real estate

Tauber, Laszlo Nandor, Potomac, Md., 71, $375, Real estate

Field, Frederick Woodruff, Los Angeles, 33, $260, Inheritance, real estate, media

Field, Marshall V, Chicago, 45, $375, Inheritance, real estate, media

Brown, Jack E., Midland, Texas, 60, $375-x, Oil, investments

Wagner, Cyril Jr., Midland, Tex., 52, $375-x, Oil, investments

Sorenson, James LeVoy, Salt Lake City, 65, $375, Medical devices

Paxson, Lowell W., Clearwater, Fla., 52, $375, Home Shopping Network

Speer, Roy M., Clearwater, Fla., 54, $220, Home Shopping Network

Engelhard, Jane B., Far Hills, N.J., 68, $365, Inheritance

Ford, Henry II, Palm Beach, 69, $250, Inheritance (Ford Motor)

Ford, Josephine Clay, Grosse Pointe, Mich., 63, $205, Inheritance (Ford Motor)

Ford, William Clay, Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich., 61, $360, Inheritance (Ford Motor)

Gallo, Ernest, Modesto, Calif., 77, $350-x, Wine

Gallo, Julio, Modesto, Calif., 76, $350-x, Wine

Weis, Robert Freeman, Sunbury, Pa., 67, $300, Weis Markets

Weis, Sigfried, Lewisburg, Pa., 70, $360, Weis Markets

Galvin, Robert William, Barrington Hills, Ill., 64, $350, Motorola

Dixon, Fitz Eugene Jr., Lafayette Hill, Pa., 63, $350, Inheritance

Johnson, Edward Crosby III, Boston, 56, $350, Investment management

Rudin, Jack, New York City, 62, $350-x, Real estate

Rudin, Lewis, New York City, 59, $350-x, Real estate

Hunt, William Herbert, Dallas, 57, $350, Inheritance, oil, real estate

Sulzberger, Arthur Ochs, New York City, 60, $340-x, New York Times

Sulzberger, Iphigene Ochs, New York City, 94, $340-x, New York Times

Johnson, Barbara Piasecka, Princeton, N.J., 49, $335, Inheritance

Fisher, Donald George, San Francisco, 58, $335, TheGap

Cohn, Seymour, New York City and Upper Brookville, N.Y., 75, $335, Real estate

Lauder, Estee, New York City, the Hamptons, L.I., $333-x, Cosmetics

Lauder, Leonard Alan, New York City, the Hamptons, L.I., 52, $333-x, Cosmetics

Lauder, Ronald Steven, New York City, the Hamptons, L.I., 42, $333-x, Cosmetics

Shorenstein, Walter Herbert, San Francisco, 71, $325, Real estate

Fisher, Lawrence, New York City, 77, $325-x, Real estate

Fisher, Zachary, New York City, 76, $325-x, Real estate

Nichols, Miller, Prairie Village, Kan., 75, $325, Real estate

Kauffman, Ewing Marion, Kansas City, Mo., 70, $325, Marion Laboratories

Davis, Shelby Cullom, Tarrytown, N.Y., 77, $325, Investment banking

Arison, Ted, Miami Beach, 62, $325, Cruise ships, banking

McGovern, Patrick Joseph, Nashua, N.H., 49, $325, Publishing

Magness, Bob John, Denver, 62, $325, Cable TV

Rinker, Marshall Edison (Doc), Palm Beach, Fla., 81, $325, Cement

Skaggs, Leonard Samuel Jr., Salt Lake City, 63, $320, American Stores

Paley, William S., New York City and Southampton, N.Y., 85, $320, CBS

Gates, William Henry III, Seattle, 30, $315, Microsoft

Cargill, James R., Minneapolis, 63, $315-x, Inheritance

Cargill, Margaret, La Jolla, Calif., 66, $315-x, Inheritance

Dolan, Charles Francis, Oyster Bay, N.Y., 60, $310, Cable television

Silverstein, Larry Abraham, New York City, 55, $300, Real estate

Lauren, Ralph, New York City, 47, $300, Apparel

Goodson, Mark, New York City, 71, $300 million, Game shows

Hahn, Ernest Walter, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., 67, $300, Shopping centers

Lurie, Robert Alfred, San Francisco, 57, $300, Inheritance, real estate

Evans, Thomas Mellon, New York City, 76, $300, Investments

Duke, Doris, Somerville, N.J.; Newport, R.I., 73, $300, Inheritance (tobacco)

Wien, Lawrence Arthur, New York City, 81, $300, Real estate, law

Bluhm, Neil Gary, Winnetka, Ill., 48, $300-x, Real estate

Malkin, Judd David, Winnetka, Ill., 48, $300-x, Real estate

Pogue, Alfred Mack, Dallas, 52, $300, Real estate

Duchossois, Richard Louis, Barrington, Ill., 65, $300, Manufacturing, media

Simmons, Harold Clark, North Dallas, Montecito, Calif., 55, $300, Investments

Heinz, Henry John III, Washington, D.C., 47, $300, H.J. Heinz

Ward, Louis Larrick, Kansas City, Mo., 66, $300, Russell Stover Candies

Paulson, Allen Eugene, Savannah, Ga., 64, $300, Gulfstream Aerospace

Moncrief, William Alvin Jr., Fort Worth, 66, $300, Oil

Marx, Leonard Maximilian, Scarsdale, N.Y., 82, $300, Real estate

Parker, Jack, New York City, Boca Raton, Fla., 71, $300, Real estate

Berry, John William, Dayton, Ohio, 63, $300, Yellow Pages

Schoen, Leonard Samuel, Las Vegas, 70, $300, U-Haul

Taper, Sydney Mark, Los Angeles, 84, $300, First Charter Financial

Mitchell, George Phydias, Houston, 67, $300, Oil, real estate

Whitney, Betsey Cushing Roosevelt, Manhasset, N.Y., 78, $300, Inheritance

Bullitt, Dorothy Stimson, Seattle, 94, $300, Broadcasting

Dempsey, John Cornelius, Delaware, Ohio, 72, $300, Bulk containers

Snyder, Richard Wesley, Dallas, 48, $300, Snyder General

Berrie, Russell, Englewood, N.J., 52, $290, Russ Berrie & Co.

Cox, William Coburn Jr., London, Nantucket, Mass., 55, $280-x, Inheritance

MacElree, Jane Cox, Newtown Square, Pa., 57, $280-x, Inheritance (Dow Jones)

Hess, Leon, New York City and Deal, N.J., 71, $280, Amerada Hess

Dedman, Robert H. Dallas, 60, $280, Country clubs

Turner, Robert Edward III, Roswell, Ga., 47, $280 million, Broadcasting

Kaskel, Howard, New York City, 49, $275, Inheritance, real estate

Keck, Howard Brighton, Los Angeles, 73, $275, Inheritance

Keck, William Myron II, Los Angeles, 44, $190, Inheritance

Tyson, Donald John, Springdale, Ark., 56, $275-x, Tyson Foods

Tyson, Randal William, Fayetteville, Ark., 35, $275-x, Tyson Foods

Olsen, Kenneth Harry, Lincoln, Mass., 60, $275, Digital Equipment

Stahl, Stanley Irving, New York City, 62, $275, Real estate

Smith, Richard Alan, Chestnut Hill, Mass., 62, $275, General Cinema

Fireman, Paul, Newton, Mass., 42, $270, Reebok

du Pont, Alexis Felix Jr., Wilmington, Del., 80, $260-x, Inheritance (Du Pont)

du Pont, Helena Allaire Crozer, Chesapeake City, Md., 73, $200-x, Inheritance (Du Pont)

Mills, Alice Francis du Pont, Middleburg, Va., 73, $260-x, Inheritance (Du Pont)

Levine, Leon, Charlotte, N.C., 49, $260, Family Dollar Stores -x, Inheritance (G.D. Searle)

Dixon, Suzanne Searle, Lake Forest, Ill., 55, $260-x, Inheritance (G.D. Searle)

Brown, Harold, Boston, 61, $250, Real Estate

Sharp, Peter, New York City, 56, $250, Real estate, investments

Nielsen, Arthur Charles Jr., Winnetka, Ill., 67, $250, A.C. Nielsen

Kalmanovitz, Paul, Tiburon, Calif., 80, $250, Beer, real estate

Simon, Melvin, Indianapolis, 59, $250, Shopping centers

Borg, Malcolm Austin, Englewood and Springlake, N.J., 48, $250, Publishing, broadcasting

Collier, Miles, Naples, Fla., 39, $250, Inheritance

Hamilton, Dorrance Hill, Stratford, Pa., 58, $250, Inheritance (Campbell Soup)

Norris, Diana Strawbridge, Palm Beach, Fla., 45, $220, Inheritance (Campbell Soup)

van Beuren, Hope Hill, Middletown, R.I., 52, $220, Inheritance (Campbell Soup)

Colket, Tristam C. Jr., Paoli, Pa., 48, $185, Inheritance

Strawbridge, George Jr., West Chester, Pa., 47, $185, Inheritance (Campbell Soup)

Weber, Charlotte Colket, Ocala, Fla., and New York City, 45, $185, Inheritance (Campbell Soup)

Smith, Vivian Leatherberry, Houston, 78, $250, Inheritance

Monaghan, Thomas S., Ann Arbor, Mich., 49, $250, Pizza

Thorne, Oakleigh Blakeman, Millbrook, N.Y., 54, $250, Inheritance (Commerce Clearing House)

Albertson, Joseph A., Boise, Idaho, 80, $250, Albertson’s Inc.

Griffin, Ben Hill Jr., Avon Park, Fla., 75, $250, Citrus grower

Howard, Robert Staples, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., 61, $250, Publishing

Zuckerman, Mortimer Benjamin, New York City; Washington, 49, $250, Real estate

Solow, Sheldon Henry, New York City, 50s, $250, Real estate

Hunt, Lamar, Dallas, 54, $250, Inheritance, oil, sports

Huffington, Roy Michael, Houston, 68, $250 million, Oil

Carpenter, Robert Ruliph Jr., Montchanin, Del., 71, $240-x, Inheritance

Carpenter, William Kemble, Boca Raton, Fla., 67, $240-x, Inheritance

Draper, Irene Carpenter, Montchanin, Del., 75, $240-x, Inheritance (Du Pont)

Bainum, Stewart Sr., Silver Spring, Md., 67, $240, Manor Care

Marriott, Alice Sheets, Washington, 79, $240-x, Inheritance (Marriott)

Marriott, John Willard Jr., Washington, 54, $240-x, Inheritance (Marriott)

Marriott, Richard Edwin, Washington, 47, $240-x, Inheritance (Marriott)

Davidson, William Morse, Bloomfield, Mich., 64, $240, Guardian Industries

Petersen, Robert Einar, Beverly Hills, Calif., 60, $235, Publishing

Spelling, Aaron, Holmby Hills, Calif., 63, $235, Television

Griffin, Mervyn Edward, Beverly Hills, Calif., 61, $235, Televison

Green, Dorothy, Beverly Hills, 70s, $235-x, Inheritance

Bettingen, Burton Green, Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, Calif., 70s, $235-x, Inheritance

Rains, Liliore Green, Beverly Hills, Calif., 70s, $235-x, Inheritance

Krehbiel, John Hammond Sr., Downers Grove, Ill., 80, $235, Molex

Bernhard, Arnold, Westport, Conn., 84, $230, Value Line

Carpenter, Ben H., Dallas, 62, $230, Southland Financial

Smith, Frederick Wallace, Memphis, Tenn., 42, $230, Federal Express

Wasserman, Lewis Robert, Beverly Hills and Palm Springs, Calif., 73, $225, MCA

Lear, Norman Milton, Los Angeles, 64, $225, Television

Perenchio, Andrew Jerold, Los Angeles, 55, $225, Television

May, Irene Sophie du Pont, Wilmington, Del., 85, $225-x, Inheritance (Du Pont)

Rust, Eleanor Francis du Pont, Thomasville, Ga., 79, $225-x, Inheritance, (Du Pont)

Silliman, Mariana du Pont, Hagley and Montchanin, Del., 75, $225-x, Inheritance (Du Pont)

Greenewalt, Margaretta Lammot du Pont, Greenville, Del., 84, $225-x, Inheritance (Du Pont)

Flint, Lucile Evelina du Pont, Greenville, Del., 71, $225-x, Inheritance (Du Pont)

du Pont, Irenee Jr., Montchanin, Del., 66, $225-x, Inheritance (Du Pont)

Darden, Constance Simons du Pont, Norfolk, Va., 82, $225-x, Inheritance

Bredin, Octavia Mary du Pont, Greenville, Del., 73, $225-x, Inheritance

Mendik, Bernard H., New York City, 57, $225, Real estate

Fisher, Max Martin, Detroit, New York City, Palm Beach, 78, $225, oil

Smart, Richard Palmer Kaleioku, Honolulu and Waimea, Hawaii, 73, $225, Inheritance, ranching

Guccione, Robert Charles, New York City, 54, $225, Publishing

Galesi, Francesco, New York City, 55, $225, Real estate

Davidowitz, Joseph Mortin, Lawrence, N.Y., 57, $225, Stock market

Berry, Jack Monteith Sr., Winter Haven, Fla., 69, $225, Citrus grower

Allen, Charles Jr., New York City, 83, $220-x, Stock market, real estate

Allen, Herbert, New York City, 78, $220-x, Stock market, real estate

Allen, Herbert Anthony, New York City, 46, $220-x, Stock market, real estate

Greenberg, Maurice Raymond, New York City, 61, $220, American International Group

Ellis, Alpheus Lee, Tarpon Springs, Fla., 80, $220, Banking, real estate

Smith, Marian Uldine Day, Atlanta, 52, $220, Inheritance, real estate

Fickling, William Arthur Jr., Macon, Ga., 54, $220, Charter Medical

Ryan, Patrick George, Chicago, 49, $215, Insurance

Getty, Eugene (Jean) Paul, London, 53, $210, Inheritance (oil)

Culverhouse, Hugh Franklin, Tampa, Fla., 67, $210, Real estate, banking

Gates, Charles Cassius, Denver, 65, $210, Gates Corp.

Walton, James L., Bentonville, Ark., 61, $210, Wal-Mart Stores

Wexner, Bella, Columbus, Ohio; New York City, 70s, $210, The Limited

MacMillan, John Hugh, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., 58, $205-x, Inheritance (Cargill)

MacMillan, W. Duncan, Wayzata, Minn., 56, $205-x, Inheritance (Cargill)

Pictet, Marion MacMillan, Geneva, Switzerland, 53, $205-x, Inheritance (Cargill)

MacMillan, Cargill Jr., Minneapolis, 59, $205-x, Inheritance (Cargill)

MacMillan, Whitney, Minneapolis, 57, $205-x, Inheritance (Cargill)

Keinath, Pauline MacMillan, residence unknown, 51, $205-x, Inheritance

Simon, William Edward, New Vernon, N.J., 58, $200, Leveraged buyouts

Mellon, Timothy, Manchester, N.H., area, 44, $200-x, Inheritance

Conover, Catherine Mellon, Washington, D.C., 50, $200-x, Inheritance

Donaldson, Evelyn du Pont, Clark, Wyo., 60, $200-x, Inheritance (Du Pont)

du Pont, John Eleuthere, Newtown Square, Pa., 47, $200-x, Inheritance (Du Pont)

du Pont, Henry Eleuthere Irenee, Wilmington, Del., 58, $200-x, Inheritance (Du Pont)

Sheehan, Jean Ellen du Pont, Coral Gables, Fla., 63, $200-x, Inheritance (Du Pont)

du Pont, Pierre Samuel III, Rockland, Del., 75, $200-x, Inheritance (Du Pont)

du Pont, Willis Harrington, Palm Beach, Fla., 50, $200-x, Inheritance (Du Pont)

Pearson, Edith du Pont, Montchanin, Del., 73, $200-x, Inheritance (Du Pont) Faulkner, Mary Belin du Pont, Brookline, Mass., 79, $200-x, Inheritance (Du Pont)

Milstein, Paul, New York City and Scarsdale, N.Y., 63, $200-x, Real estate

Milstein, Seymour, New York City and Scarsdale, N.Y., 66, $200-x, Real estate

Lurie, Robert, Chicago, 44, $200-x, Investments, real estate

Zell, Samuel, Chicago, 44, $200-x, Real estate, investments

Perdue, Franklin Parsons, Salisbury, Md., 66, $200, Chickens

Hunt, Ray Lee, Dallas, 43, $200-x, Inheritance, oil, real estate

Hunt, Ruth June, Dallas, 42, $200-x, Inheritance, oil real estate

Hunt, Ruth Ray, Dallas, 69, $200-x, Inheritance, oil, real estate

Hunt, Swanee, Denver, 36, $200-x, Inheritance, oil, real estate

Hendrix, Helen Hunt, New York City, 37, $200-x, Inheritance, oil, real estate

Scharbauer, Clarence Jr., Midland, Texas, 61, $200, Inheritance

Davis, Leonard, Palm Beach, Fla., New York City, 62, $200, Insurance

Currier, Lavinia M., The Plains, Va., 29, $200-x, Inheritance

Currier, Michael S., New York City, 25, $200, Inheritance

Patterson, Andrea Currier, The Plains, Va., 30, $200-x, Inheritance

Phipps, Howard Jr., Westbury, N.Y., 52, $200-x. Inheritance

Sidamon-Eristoff, Anne Phipps, New York City, 54, $200-x, Inheritance

Galbreath, Daniel Mauck, Columbus, Ohio, 58, $200-x, Real estate

Galbreath, John Wilmer, Columbus, Ohio, 80, $200-x, Real estate

Simon, Esther Annenberg, New York City, 84, $200, Inheritance (publishing)

Hall, Evelyn Annenberg, Palm Beach, Fla., 74, $200, Inheritance (publishing)

Haupt, Enid Annenberg, New York City, 80, $200, inheritance (publishing)

Hazen, Lita Annenberg, New York City, Los Angeles, 76, $200, Inheritance (publishing)

Hooker, Jeanette Annenberg, New York City, Palm Beach, Fla., 81, $200, Inheritance (publishing)

Spanos, Alex Gus, Stockton, Calif., 63, $200, Real estate

de Menil, Dominique, Houston, 78, $200, Inheritance, art

Goldman, Alfred Dreyfus, Honolulu and Oklahoma City, 48, $200-x, Inheritance, real estate

Goldman, Monte Henry, Honolulu and Oklahoma City, 51, $200, Inheritance, real estate

Boesky, Ivan Frederick, Mt. Kisco, N.Y., and New York City, 49, $200, Arbitrage

Palevsky, Max, Beverly Hills, Calif., 62, $200, Computers

Root, Chapman Shaw, Ormond Beach, Fla., 61, $200, Coca-Cola bottler, broadcasting

Sowell, Anne Windfohr, Fort Worth, Texas, 47, $200, Inheritance

Lunger, Mary Jane du Pont, Wilmington, Del., and New York City, 72, $200, Inheritance, investments

Kozmetsky, George, Austin, Texas, 68, $200, Teledyne

Eulich, John F., Dallas, 57, $200, Real estate

Simon, Norton Winfred, Los Angeles area, 79, $200, Industrialist, art collector

Benenson, Charles Benjamin, New York City, 73, $200 million, Real Estate

Morgan, Frank Sherman, Kansas City, Mo., 59, $200-x, Shopping centers, banks

Dreiseszun, Sherman W., Kansas City, Mo., 62, $200-x, Shopping centers, banks

Hubbard, Stanley Stub, St. Mary’s Point, Minn., 53, $200, Broadcasting

Cox, John Lee, Midland, Texas, 61, $200, Oil

Millard, William H., San Vincente, Saipan, 54, $200, Computerland

Simplot, John Richard, Boise, Idaho, 77, $200, Potatoes

Stuart Elbridge Hadley Jr., Bellevue, Idaho, 69, $200-x, Inheritance (Carnation)

Stuart, Dwight Lyman, Beverly Hills, Calif., 62, $200-x, Inheritance (Carnation)

Syms, Sy, Lyndhurst, N.J., 60, $200, Syms

Bennett, William Gordon, La Vegas, 61, $200, Circus Circus

Pennington, William Norman, Reno, Nev., 63, $200, Circus Circus

Connell, Grover, Westfield, N.J., 68, $200, Food

Cox, Edwin Lochridge, Dllas, 64, $200, Oil

Hines, Gerald Douglas, Houston, 61, $200, Real estate

Durst, David, Chappaqua, N.Y., 61, $200-x, Real estate

Durst, Roy, Scarsdale, N.Y., 67, $200-x, Real estate

Durst, Seymour B., New York City, 73, $200-x, Real estate

Alexander, Norman E., Scarsdale, N.Y., 72, $200, Sun Chemical

Davis, James Elworth, Jacksonville, Fla., 79, $200, Winn-Dixie

Morris, William Shivers III, Augusta, Ga., 52, $200, Newspapers

Litwin, Leonard, New York City, 60s, $200, Real estate

Batten, Frank, Virginia Beach, Va., 59, $200, Publishing, broadcasting

Anderson, Robert Orville, Roswell, N.M., 69, $200, Oil, land

Knight, Philip Hampson, Hillsboro, Ore., 48, $200, Nike

Muss, Stephen, Miami Beach, 58, $200, Real estate

Beal, Carlton, Midland, Texas, 70, $200, Oil

Meyer, August Christopher, Champaign, Ill., 85, $200, Broadcasting

Smith, Athalie Irvine, Middleburg, Va., 53, $200, Inheritance, lawsuits

Crain, Gertrude Ramsay, Lake Forest, Ill., 69, $200, Publishing

Evans, James Emmett, Dade City, Fla., 86, $200, Citrus

Ansin, Edmund Newton, North Miami, Fla., $200, Broadcasting

Mellon, Richard Prosser, Ligonier, Pa., 47, $195-x, Inheritance

Mellon, Seward Prosser, Ligonier, Pa., 44, $195-x, Inheritance

Millbury, Cassandra Mellon, Ligonier, Pa., 46, $195-x, Inheritance

Rockefeller, John Davison IV, Washington, other residences, 49, $190-x, Inheritance

(Rockefeller), Hope Aldrich, Woodstock, Vt., 48, $190-x, Inheritance

Ferry, Sandra (Rockefeller), Cambridge, Mass., 51, $190-x, Inheritance

Dayton, Alida Rockefeller, Minneapolis, 37, $190-x, Inheritance

Sackler, Arthur Mitchell, New York City, 73, $190, Business, art, publishing

Binger, Virginia McKnight, Wayzata, Minn., 70, $190, Inheritance

Johnson, Belton Kleberg, San Antonio, Texas, 56, $190, Inheritance, ranching

Chambers, Raymond George, Morristown, N.J., 44, $185, Leveraged buyouts

O’Neill, Abby Milton Rockefeller, Oyster Bay, N.Y., 58, $185, Inheritance

Dittmer, Thomas H., Lake Forest, Ill., 44, $185, Commodities

Chase, David Theodore, West Hartford, Conn., 57, $185, Real estate, media

Milstein, Monroe Gary, Burlington, N.J., 60, $185, Burlington Coat Factory

Jobs, Steven Paul, Woodside, Calif., 31, $185, Computers

Johnson, John Harold, Chicago and Palm Springs, Calif., 68, $185, Publishing

Furst, Austin Owen Jr., New Canaan, Conn., 43, $185, Vestron

Hulman, Mary Fendrich, Terre Haute, Ind., 81, $180, Inheritance

Jacobs, Irwin Lawrence, Minneapolis, 45, $180, Arbitrage, investments

Clark, Richard Wagstaff, Mailibu, Calif., and New York City, 56, $180, Rock ‘n’ roll, TV

Lawrence, M. Larry, San Diego, 60, $180, Real estate

Gordy, Berry, Los Angeles, 56, $180, Motown Records

Dillon, Clarence Douglas, Far Hills, N.J., 77, $180, Investments

Hammer, Armand, Los Angeles, New York City, Moscow, 88, $180, Entrepreneur

Kohlberg, Jerome Jr., Westchester County, N.Y., 61, $180, Leveraged buyouts

Kravis, Henry R., New York City, 42, $180, Leveraged buyouts

Roberts, George R., San Francisco, 43, $180, Leveraged buyouts

End List