Gaultier is latest fashion designer to stop using fur

November 12, 2018 GMT

PARIS (AP) — Parisian couturier Jean Paul Gaultier has become the latest fashion designer to shun the use of fur in his designs.

In a Canal+ interview that was aired over the weekend, Gaultier announced he would go fur-free “to get to a side of creativity that will not hurt, since the way animals are killed is absolutely deplorable.”

The decision follows similar moves in recent years by Gucci, Burberry, Tom Ford, Versace and Maison Margiela, among others, as key players in the industry turn their back on fur.

The France-based Brigitte Bardot Foundation welcomed the announcement saying that it was “incomprehensible” that Gaultier used fur made from “so much animal suffering.”

Gaultier stopped making ready-to-wear clothes in 2014. Since then he has concentrated on high-priced and fur-heavy haute couture designs.