Caitlyn Jenner Sues Paparazzi, Blames Them for Fatal Car Crash

August 5, 2016 GMT

Caitlyn Jenner has filed a lawsuit against paparazzi photographers, alleging that their driving too close and stalking her contributed to her February 2015 car crash in which another driver was killed.

The reality TV star accuses the photographers -- collectively referred to as “the Stalker Defendants” -- of “harassing [her] throughout the day up through the time of the accident,” according to court documents obtained by People.

Jenner said the photographers drove too close to her SUV, tailgated her and generally drove in a reckless manner in an attempt to get photos of her. At the time, Jenner was still known as Bruce Jenner and faced an onslaught of tabloid reports over rumors about being transgender and transitioning into a woman.


Because of this stalking, Jenner alleges she was visually distracted, and “the negligence and reckless conduct of the Stalker Defendants did contribute to the cause of an accident where seconds and split seconds mattered,” according to the court documents.

The multi-vehicle crash occurred on the Pacific Coast Highway when Jessica Steindorff stopped her car for unknown reasons in front of a vehicle driven by Kim Howe, 70, an animal rights activist and activist. Howe slammed on her breaks. Jenner, traveling behind Howe and towing a dune buggy, rear-ended Howe’s car and caused her to swerve into oncoming traffic, which resulted in her death.

After an investigation, the District Attorney’s Office found no evidence to charge Jenner with vehicular manslaughter.

Jenner settled a lawsuit with Howe’s stepchildren in January and a separate lawsuit with Steindorff in December. However, Steindorff is still is listed in Jenner’s current complaint, with Jenner accusing her of stopping her car to look at her cellphone and driving with a suspended license.

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