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‘Milwaukee Massacre’ Suspect Checked In Unsolved German Cases With PM-Body Parts-Profile, Bjt

July 26, 1991 GMT

BONN, Germany (AP) _ Authorities said today they are investigating whether a man suspected of killing and mutilating up to 17 people in the United States is linked to at least five unsolved murders in Germany.

Jeffrey L. Dahmer of Milwaukee, charged Thursday with four counts of homicide and held on $1 million bail, was stationed in Baumholder with the U.S. Army between June 1979 and March 1981 as a medic.

Investigators in Rhineland-Palatinate state are looking into whether Dahmer can be connected to five unresolved murders that occurred during that time, said Dagmar Meyer, a spokeswoman in the state’s criminal investigation’s office. Federal police said the cases involve four women and one man.


Prosecutors in three other German cities are also looking into unsolved murder cases, Ms. Meyer said.

Federal police, meanwhile, are looking into cases of missing men or unidentified male murder victims between July 1979 and March 1981, officials said.

″We have no concrete information for the time being,″ federal police spokesman Willi Fundermann said by telephone from his Wiesbaden headquarters. ″But we are investigating.″

U.S. military criminal investigators are also reviewing unresolved cases during the time Dahmer was in the army, said Millie Waters, a military spokeswoman in Heidelberg.

Hermann Hillebrand, chief prosecutor in the central German city of Bad Kreuznach, said his office began examining unresolved cases after reading about the Dahmer case, which made front-page headlines in Germany.

Hillebrand said his office was investigating whether Dahmer is connected to an unresolved 10-year-old killing.

He said the body of a 22-year-old hitchhiker, Erika Handschuh, was found in a nearby forest on Nov. 30, 1980. She had been strangled and stabbed once, but the body was not mutilated, Hillebrand said.

The prosecutor said there was nothing so far other than the timing to link Dahmer to the victim.

Parts of 11 bodies, including severed heads in cold storage, were found in Dahmer’s Milwaukee apartment Monday and investigators said they learned of at least six more victims from Dahmer and other sources.