A look at fatal workplace shootings in the US since 2012

December 3, 2015 GMT

The shooting rampage at an office holiday party in San Bernadino, California, was the latest of several recent acts of gun violence in U.S. workplaces that took the lives of more than one person. Nearly all the shootings ended with the death of the assailant, by suicide or police:

— Aug. 26, 2015: Alison Parker and Adam Ward of Roanoke, Virginia, TV station WDBJ were fatally shot by former co-worker Vester Lee Flanagan II during a live broadcast. Their interview subject, Vicki Gardner, was wounded. Flanagan fatally shot himself five hours later after a police chase.

— Feb. 23, 2015: An employee of an armed security company opened fire on a co-worker inside the New Jersey business before fatally shooting himself outside amid what police described as an “ongoing domestic situation.” Moorestown police Lt. Lee Lieber said 42-year-old Edgar Figueroa killed himself after shooting 31-year-old Melvin Nieves four times. Both are from Philadelphia.

— Feb. 12, 2015: Truck driver Jeffrey DeZeeuw got into an argument over a delivery with Jon Richter, a supervisor at a Sioux Steel Co. location known as ProTec, in Lennox, South Dakota. DeZeeuw later returned, fatally shot Richter, wounded worker Kathy Steever and injured another employee, Brian Roesler, who confronted DeZeeuw and is credited with likely preventing more injuries or deaths. DeZeeuw, of Sioux Falls, then killed himself.

— Sept. 23, 2014: Rayon Bartley shot his co-worker Jose Raul Cardenas-Ramirez at Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf and Resort Spa in Hoover, Alabama. Investigators said Bartley was fired and returned the next day to kill Ramirez. He was later arrested and charged with murder.

— Also Sept. 23, 2014: Fired UPS employee Kerry Joe Tesney killed two supervisors, Doug Hutcheson and Brian Callans in Birmingham, Alabama, before killing himself.

— Aug. 1, 2014: Anthony DeFrances, an executive at the Chicago company Arrowstream, shot the company’s CEO Steven Lavoie twice, and then turned the gun on himself. DeFrances had been demoted from his position as chief technology officer.

— April 2, 2014: At Fort Hood, Texas, three soldiers died and 16 others were wounded in a shooting rampage by another soldier, Army Spc. Ivan A. Lopez, who then killed himself.

— Sept. 16, 2013: Aaron Alexis, a civilian contractor, shot 12 people to death at the Washington Navy Yard before he was killed in a police shootout.

— Aug. 24, 2013: Longtime employee Hubert Allen Jr., 72, targeted several of his former co-workers at Pritchett Trucking in Lake Butler, Florida, killing three people, including company founder Marvin Pritchett, and wounding two others before killing himself.

— June 13, 2013: A St. Louis businessman, Ahmed Dirir, fatally shot all three of his employees at his home health care agency before killing himself.

— Sept. 27, 2012: Andrew Engeldinger, who had just been fired from Accent Signage Systems in Minneapolis, fatally shot six people, including the company’s founder. He also wounded two others before committing suicide.

— Aug. 31, 2012: Two young employees at a Pathmark supermarket in Old Bridge Township, New Jersey, were gunned down by co-worker Terence Tyler, who then committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

— Aug. 24, 2012: Jeffrey Johnson ambushed and killed a former co-worker outside the Empire State Building in New York City, and was then shot to death by police on a crowded street. Stray and ricocheting police bullets injured nine nearby civilians, none fatally.

— Feb. 26, 2012: A wild double-shooting at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Long Beach, California, office occurred after Kevin Kozak, the second-in-command for the agency’s Los Angeles region, turned down a transfer request by Ezequiel Garcia, who then shot him six times. Another agent rushed into the room and killed Garcia. Kozak survived.

— Jan. 13, 2012: In a shooting rampage at a North Carolina lumber warehouse, Ronald Dean Davis killed three co-workers and critically wounded another before going home and fatally shooting himself in the head.


AP researchers Jennifer Farrar and Barbara Sambriski contributed to this report.