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Moose Stomps Man to Death on College Campus

January 11, 1995 GMT

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) _ An agitated moose, taunted and harassed for hours by students as it roamed the University of Alaska campus with its calf, trampled a 71-year-old man to death.

The moose charged Myong Chin Ra as he tried to slip inside the gymnasium, said campus police Officer Jim Milne. Ra fell as he tried to run away.

``She’d get on her front legs and kick with her back legs,″ said student Shane Harvey. ``He probably got stomped about a dozen times.″

People had been throwing snowballs, yelling, whistling and shouting at the moose and calf for hours, and the animals were agitated when Ra arrived Monday and tried to walk past them, witnesses said.

Police stayed with the moose and calf until they left campus several hours later.

The university is in a heavily wooded area favored by moose, but attacks are rare. The last fatal moose attack in the Anchorage area was in 1993, when a woman was trampled in her yard.