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Former Hit Man Repeats Hoffa Tale to Newspaper

April 1, 1985 GMT

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) _ A former mob hit man has repeated in a newspaper interview his contention that former Teamsters union leader Jimmy Hoffa was slain and his body ground up and stuffed into a steel drum which was dumped in the Florida Everglades.

Hoffa was last seen leaving a suburban Detroit restaurant in the summer of 1975.

Charlie Allen, who says he acted as Hoffa’s bodyguard while they were both in prison, reiterated his version of Hoffa’s death in a copyright interview published Sunday by The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Allen gave similar accounts in testimony on June 22, 1982, before the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations and in 1980 during an unrelated criminal trial New Jersey.

Allen said he has given the information since 1978 to Philadelphia detectives and federal agents.In return for the information and subsequent testimony in more than a dozen criminal trials, Allen has avoided serving a single day in jail for his part in three murders and other admitted crimes, receiving a suspended sentence.

Federal authorities say crime bosses have put a $50,000 price tag on Allen’s head. He is now living under another identity provided by the federal witness protection program, the newspaper reported.

Wayne Davis, the agent-in-charge of the FBI in Michigan, said he couldn’t give Allen a ″credibility factor of 10 on a scale of 10,″ but said it ″may be a strong possibility″ that what he says about Hoffa is true.

In the interview, Allen said he felt ″pretty bad about it,″ when he heard of Hoffa’s disappearance.Anthony ″Tony Pro″ Provenzano, head of a Teamsters local in Union City, N.J., called Allen up to New York City the next day, he said.

Provenzano has been identified before Congress as a member of the Genovese Mafia family. Provenzano began serving a life sentence three years ago for ordering the death of a Teamsters union rival in the early 1960s.

Allen said Provenzano told him that he had been tipped off by a former Hoffa confidante that Hoffa planned to have Provenzano and Teamsters leader Frank Fitzsimmons killed. Provenzano said he struck out at Hoffa first, Allen said.

Allen says he was the man Hoffa had ordered to kill Fitzsimmons.

″Jimmy (Hoffa) was going to have (Provenzano) and Fitzsimmons killed. But things got messed up, and (Provenzano) got Jimmy first,″ Allen said. Fitzsimmons died of cancer in 1981.


Allen said he was told by Provenzano that Hoffa was shot with an electric stun gun, and that three of Provenzano’s ″associates″ did the job.

Allen said Provenzano said that the three hit men took Hoffa ″to the ironworks and ground him up and put him in a barrel, took him to Florida and threw him in the Everglades.″