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Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen has been ordered to pay $1

May 24, 1995 GMT

CHICAGO (AP) _ Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen has been ordered to pay $10,000 to a former girlfriend who contends he is the father of her daughter.

Cook County Circuit Judge David Delgado ordered the payment Tuesday to cover birth expenses of Taylor Roby Pippen, the 1-year-old daughter of model Sonya Roby. Pippen did not attend the hearing on the paternity lawsuit.

A DNA test showed a 99.9 percent probability that Pippen is the father of Roby’s daughter. Pippen’s attorney, Richard Lifshitz, stressed that Pippen has not admitted paternity.

Lifshitz was asked why the child’s last name is Pippen.

``You can name your child anything you want,″ Lifshitz said. ``It doesn’t have to be the same last name that you have.″

Roby is asking payments of $11,500 a month from Pippen. Her attorneys say her daughter deserves a lifestyle equal to that of the 3-month-old daughter of Pippen and his fiancee, Yvette Deleone.

Delgado’s action came a few days after Pippen was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery filed by Deleone.

Pippen was arrested Friday night after Deleone, who lives with him in suburban Highland Park, called police. She said Pippen seized her by the arm and pushed her against a vehicle, police said in a news release.

Another Pippen attorney, Sheldon Zenner, said the couple had gotten into a ``very mundane, commonplace, silly″ domestic quarrel and that when the basketball player sought to leave the premises to ``chill out,″ Deleone tried to stop him and he pushed her. The attorney said Pippen voluntarily went to the police station where he posted $100 bond and went home.

Police said Deleone had no visible injuries and did not request medical attention.