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Police Report 47 Women Killed in a Year Guayaquil

March 7, 1986 GMT

GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador (AP) _ Police disclosed Thursday they have found the bodies of 47 young women in Guayaquil in slightly over a year and believe they were all killed by the same man.

The body of the most recent victim was found Wednesday on the outskirts of this port city, which is the commercial capital of Ecuador. Police said the killer led them to the scene.

They identified the man as Daniel Camargo Barbosa, 54, and said he has been arrested for investigation of the slayings.

The Guayas State Investigation Service announced Wednesday that Camargo Barbosa was in custody. They said he is a Colombian who had escaped a prison in the Colombian capital of Bogota while serving time for a rape and murder of a young girl.

″According to investigations and, based on the psychoanalitical investigations done by professionals ... We have determined that Daniel Camargo Barbosa is a typical psycopathic-paranoic-sado-masochist,″ police Col. Holguer Santana said.

Camargo Barbosa reportedly entered Ecuador in December, 1984.

Police said they have been investigating the killings since December 1984, and added that Camargo Barbosa was captured Feb. 26 in Quito, following the rape and murder of a nine-year old girl.

The ages of the victims run from nine to 28 years old, officials said.

They said most of the bodies were found buried along the road to the town of Daule, just outside Guayaquil. Police said Camargo Barbosa was also being investigated in connection with slayings in the cities of Quevedo, Machala and Quito.

Police said that of the 47 victims, 32 have been identified. They said the other bodies were badly decomposed.

Camargo Barbosa refused to answer reporters questions Wednesday at a news conference at police headquarters.