Madeleine Albright says she ‘owes an apology’ to Mitt Romney: ‘We underestimated’ Russia as a foe

February 26, 2019 GMT

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said Tuesday she was wrong to dismiss Sen. Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign claim that Russia was America’s greatest geopolitical foe.

In a House Intelligence Committee hearing, Ms. Albright said she owes “an apology to now Senator Romney,” Utah Republican.

“I think that we underestimated what was going on in Russia,” she said. “I was on the CIA external advisory board. There was no question that less money was being put into Russian language and what was going on in Russia.”

Ms. Albright, who served under former President Bill Clinton, said at the time that Mr. Romney had “little understanding of what is actually going on in the 21st century.”


“We had forgotten we’re dealing with a KGB agent,” she said during the hearing. “I think he has played a weak hand very well. Putin has put them back on the scene.”

Former President Barack Obama also criticized Mr. Romney for his stance during the election, saying that “the 1980s are now calling, and they want their foreign policy back.”