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Names In The Game

August 14, 1993 GMT

MIAMI (AP) _ Florida Marlins center fielder Chuck Carr, whose speed on the bases earlier this season was equal only to the speed of his mouth, is letting his stats speak for themselves these days.

Gone is the goading of the umpires and the swaggering, bat-wagging rookie’s talk of his place in the Hall of Fame. In their place are a team-record 14- game hitting streak, a rising average and a place on the stolen base leaderboard.

″I just said, ‘People are taking it the wrong way’... and that can get you going downward,″ said Carr, who has a .270 average and 34 stolen bases, fourth-best in the National League. ″There’s a lot of hot dogs out there, and if you stand out the most, people are going to lip something to knock you down.″

Earlier in the season, Carr boasted he was a hot dog who could back it up.

″If you are blinded by the speed, don’t make the call,″ he told an umpire in Chicago this season, after being called out on a double play.

″You have to have some kind of attitude to play this game,″ Carr said. ″I learned that coming up through the minor leagues, trying to be Mr. Nice Guy and getting run over.″


EVELETH, Minn. (AP) - Snoopy is finally getting some recognition for years of battling Woodstock in one-on-one hockey games on a frozen birdbath.

Charles M. Schulz, the creator of Snoopy and the ″Peanuts″ cartoon strip, is being inducted into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame later this year.

Schulz, who was born in Minneapolis and grew up in St. Paul, will be inducted in October, along with former college and pro coach John H. ″Jack″ Kelley and former player Dave Langevin, the hall announced Friday.

Schulz also advanced the sport of ice hockey by building the Redwood Empire Ice Arena one block from his Santa Rosa, Calif., studio in 1969.

″In my day, there was no kids’ hockey or any Little League,″ said Schulz, 70. ″My dad made us a little skating rink in our back yard, and we played there, or on the frozen streets, or we might climb over the fence to a Catholic school. We’d change skates in a friend’s basement, then hobble down the alley and play by the light of the moon.″


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Magic Johnson wants to dazzle audiences again, and he’s planning on doing it with an inner-city movie house.


Johnson, who retired from the Los Angeles Lakers last year after being diagnosed with the virus that causes AIDS, is opening his own multiplex movie theater in a community not far from epicenter of the Los Angeles riots.

The theater, planned for Baldwin Hills, will be independent of any theater chain, but will show first-run movies, according to Johnson’s agent, Lon Rosen.

Johnson, the primary investor in the theater, will be active in the daily operations of the theatre, Rosen said in a story published Saturday in the Daily News of Los Angeles.

The theater would be the latest of several business ventures for Johnson. He already owns a Pepsi distributorship and has talked recently about buying a National Basketball Association franchise in Toronto.


HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (AP) - Joe Hutchinson’s attempt to jump across the Ohio River - and into the record books - on a motorcycle ended with a splash and a trip to the hospital.

Hutchinson, 31, was in fair condition at Huntington Hospital with a back injury Saturday after coming up short in his attempt to break world records for distance, height and speed on a 900cc, four-cylinder extended dirt bike.

A slick ramp made traction a problem for the jump Friday night, even after some of the 1,000 people that gathered to watch helped out trying to dry it.

Hutchinson roared down the ramp, but splashed down into the water.