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Lucas Sues over ‘Templates of Doom’

December 13, 1988 GMT

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ The maker of the film ″Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom″ has brought a copyright infringement suit against a computer software company for its ″Templates of Doom″ product.

The U.S. District Court suit by Lucasfilm Inc., filed last Friday, claims the program, marketed by Solar Systems Software, violates filmmaker George Lucas’ copyright in his Indiana Jones films and spinoff products.

Peter Antoniak of San Bruno, Calif., identified in the suit as owner of Solar Systems Software, did not return a telephone call Monday.


Jones, an archeologist and adventurer played by Harrison Ford, was the central character in Lucas’ ″Raiders of the Lost Ark″ and ″Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.″ A third film, ″Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,″ is due in May 1989, the suit said. It said Lucasfilm has trademarked the ″Temple of Doom″ name and design and used it to sell products that include puzzles, books, comics, video games, lapel buttons, kites, slumberbags, T-shirts and children’s pajamas.

The ″Templates of Doom″ program is sold in a package that pictures a character resembling Indiana Jones, wearing a snap-brim fedora, leather jacket and shoulder bag, the suit said.

The program is used to teach people how to use financial spreadsheet programs, said Neil Shapiro, a lawyer for Lucasfilm.

The suit seeks $50,000 for each copyright infringement, plus damages equal to three times the profits from the product, and a court order prohibiting future infringements.

Shapiro said Lucasfilm has asked Antoniak several times over a period of months to stop his marketing, without success.

″This is not a lawsuit we wanted to bring,″ Shapiro said. ″But one cannot let one’s trademark be used freely by others over a period of time or one eventually loses the trademark.″