2 killed in dry ice accident at Moscow bath complex

February 28, 2020 GMT

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian officials say two people were killed Friday when a large amount of dry ice was dumped into a pool at a bath complex in Moscow.

Investigative Committee spokeswoman Yulia Ivanova was quoted by Russian news agencies as saying other people were injured but not specifying how many.

The dry ice was put into the pool for “visual effect,” Ivanova said.

Dry ice, which is frozen carbon dioxide, produces heavy vapor when put into water. The cause of the deaths was not immediately reported, but the vapor can cause an elevated level of carbon dioxide in blood when released in an inadequately ventilated space.


The website for the bath complex shows it consists of about a dozen rooms that contain saunas or hammams, small pools and recreational equipment. News reports said a birthday party was taking place there.