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Actress Malone Breaks With Mother

January 16, 2000 GMT

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Jena Malone, a 15-year-old actress who appeared in ``Contact″ and ``Stepmom,″ won legal emancipation from her mother after accusing the woman of squandering Ms. Malone’s earnings, her attorney said.

The actress is a ``very mature young girl″ who has been living on her own for some time, with homes in Los Angeles and New York, said attorney Neil Olsen.

California law allows minors as young as 14 to seek emancipation from their parents.

Ms. Malone contended that her mother, Debbie Malone, ``squandered″ her earnings through ``excessive spending and mismanagement,″ according to court papers.


On Friday, she won a court order barring her mother from interfering with her professional engagements.

``It’s sad that she doesn’t have what most people have at her age,″ Olsen said. ``But at least now she is able to maintain a relationship with her mother on her own terms.″