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Report Says Dahmer’s Legs Shackled Until Autopsy; His Brain Preserved

March 18, 1995 GMT

PORTAGE, Wis. (AP) _ For hours after he was bludgeoned to death, Jeffrey Dahmer was left partially shackled until a doctor began an autopsy.

``Such was the fear of this man that chains were on the feet, even post-mortem,″ said Dr. Robert Huntington III, a forensic pathologist at the University of Wisconsin who performed the autopsy. Huntington did not return calls Thursday and Friday seeking further comment.

Dahmer, who had admitted killing and, in some cases cannibalizing, 17 young men and boys, was beaten to death in prison Nov. 28.

Officials said he died within minutes but wasn’t pronounced dead until he was taken to a hospital.

Prison officials didn’t return calls Friday seeking comment on whether inmates are routinely shackled when taken out for medical emergency.

Christopher J. Scarver, a 25-year-old inmate serving life for killing a man during a robbery, was charged with two counts of murder in the slayings of Dahmer and another prisoner. Scarver has pleaded insanity.

Prison records released Tuesday quote an inmate as saying he overheard Scarver remarking he expected to be paid for the slayings.

Guards found Dahmer in a pool of blood in a locker room by a gymnasium he was assigned to clean. Both Dahmer and wife-killer Jesse Anderson had been attacked with a 20-inch metal bar from exercise equipment.

In the autopsy report released this week, Huntington noted that Dahmer’s brain was removed and preserved for possible study.

Dahmer’s body remains in cold storage until after Scarver’s trial. Dahmer requested cremation.

His family has had requests from several researchers who want hair follicles and brain tissue from Dahmer to use in studies on abnormal behavior, said Columbia County coroner Dr. C. Keith Epps, who was present at the autopsy.