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Man Drowns At Party For Lifeguards

August 1, 1985 GMT

NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ A man drowned while attending a party for New Orleans lifeguards who were celebrating their first drowning-free swimming season in memory, officials say.

Jerome Moody, 31, was found on the bottom at the deep end of a New Orleans Recreation Department pool at the end of the party Tuesday, department Director Madlyn Richard said.

Moody was not a lifeguard and was at the party as a guest. He had not been swimming and was fully dressed, she said.

Four lifeguards were on duty at the party and more than half the 200 people there were certified lifeguards, she said.


The body was found as the pool was being cleared at the close of the party. Lifeguards pulled the body out and attempted to revive Moody until emergency medical attendants arrived. An autopsy confirmed drowning.

″The lifeguards were really upset. It’s a real tragedy,″ Ms. Richard said. ″This was the first annual party in memory where they could celebrate a trouble-free season.

″We had all been talking about it. It was the first season without a single (drowning) incident.″

The lifeguard party is held each year at the end of July when swimming pools are closed at 14 department centers.