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Life Sentence Given In ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Killing Case

May 31, 1985 GMT

CLAYTON, Mo. (AP) _ A man who said the fantasy game ″Dungeons and Dragons″ played a role in the killing of a college student has been sentenced to life in prison.

Darren Lee Molitor, 19, of St. Louis, was sentenced Thursday for the strangulation death of Mary C. Towey, 18, in April 1984. He had been convicted earlier of first-degree murder.

Another man, Ronald G. Adcox, is awaiting trial on a capital murder charge.

Molitor told St. Louis County Circuit Judge Alphonso H. Voorhees before he was sentenced that his trial was not fair because he was not permitted to present expert witnesses to give evidence about the role-playing fantasy game ″Dungeons and Dragons.″

″The reason I brought the game into the defense was not the evil aspect of it but the way the game is played, the mind use,″ Molitor said. ″There is proof and evidence in fact that anything done within that aspect of role- playing is effective and is dangerous.″

He had testified that in binding Miss Towey and placing an athletic bandage around her throat, he and Adcox intended to ″play with her mind,″ not kill her.

Molitor and Adcox surrendered to authorities in Atlanta after Miss Towey’s body was found.

Molitor’s life sentence is to run consecutively with a federal sentence he is serving. He and Adcox each were sentenced to 10 years for stealing a .25- caliber automatic pistol and an automobile from the Towey home the night of the killing.