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Mike Tyson, Robin Givens Officially Divorced

June 2, 1989 GMT

SOMERVILLE, N.J. (AP) _ Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson and his wife, actress Robin Givens, were officially divorced Thursday.

Both Tyson, 22, and Ms. Givens, 24, were supposed to attend the hearing since they sought a dual divorce. But Ms. Givens, star of ABC-TV’s ″Head of the Class″ decided not to appear.

Her attorney, Raoul Felder, of New York City, asked Superior Court Judge Graham T. Ross to accept Ms. Givens’ counterclaim although she was not present at the 20-minute proceeding.

But Ross denied Felder’s application and acted solely on Tyson’s complaint.


Felder maintained, however, that the denial did not matter to either himself or Ms. Givens because the actress already considered herself divorced.

Tyson, who married Ms. Givens on Feb. 12, 1988, flew to the Dominican Republic on Valentine’s Day, where he signed divorce papers. Ms. Givens signed them at a later date.

That divorce, however, is not recognized in New Jersey, where the couple resided during their marriage.

″Robin just didn’t choose to come today because she’s divorced already,″ Felder said after the hearing.

″We’re here as a courtesy to Tyson today,″ he said. ″I don’t think much was accomplished.″

Attorneys for both parties declined to reveal specifics of the settleent between Ms. Givens and Tyson. However, they said Tyson would retain ownership of their $4 million Bernardsville mansion and that Ms. Givens would keep jewelry that was given to her, several automobiles and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Ms. Givens signed the agreement Thursday morning in New York. Tyson signed shortly before appearing in court, where he testified that he was satisfied with the settlement.

″I would think that Mike’s feelings are that he is relieved that it is over,″ said one of his attorneys, John Trombadore. ″But a divorce is never a pleasant experience.″

The year-long union between the actress and boxing champion was clouded by allegations of brutality and deception between the couple, and by those who knew them.

Ms. Givens accused Tyson of mistreating her, while Tyson said she tricked him into marriage by telling him she was pregnant.

During an interview last October with Barbara Walters on ABC’s ″20-20,″ Ms. Givens said Tyson had an ″extremely volatile temper″ and that she had become very afraid of him.

A few days later, Ms. Givens and her mother, Ruth Roper, called police to the couple’s Bernardsville mansion because Tyson reportedly became enraged and hurled furniture through windows.

No one was injured and no arrests were made.