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LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 24, 2022/ / -- Sex and sex-related issues are important to nearly everybody, however, many go through life, from their early years to later life, not knowing a lot about sex and sex-related topics, other than what some might call the basics. Following that belief, was built over five years as a free Public

Service to provide straightforward information about sex to everyone, from young adults to parents to senior citizens.

The foundation of this website is that more and better information about sex can be important for people’s health, well-being and enjoyment.

“Many people know less about sex, depending on its definition than they think they do, and there are good reasons for the lack of knowledge,” according to Steven C. Markoff, who conceived He said such good reasons include “the difficulty of finding and receiving accurate, objective and guilt-free information on sex because few will seriously discuss the issue, because of religious teachings and dogma that generally hinder wide discussions about sex, and because many parents are against sex education in schools, a comprehensive school education about sex has been spotty at best.”

Using this website, a visitor will find a quick and easy way to see diverse opinions on over 130 sex Topics, presented under 14 different categories. All the information on is available at the click of a link. The topics are also listed alphabetically. There is no sign-up, subscription, or advertising.

Those 133 Topics range from “Preventing Sexual Abuse of Minors,” kinky sex, sexual dysfunctions, and disability & sexuality.

Each Topic shows at least 10 excerpts from respected organizations, medical professionals, and those with expertise on the specific topic, giving the site more than 1,300 sourced comments and articles on the Topics.

The site also contains charts with sex statistics, information on sex in America and around the world, 100 definitions of sex, and a sex survey that will be surprising to many.

Although this site is intended for a diverse audience, the content is presented unfiltered and therefore may not be suitable for viewers under 18.

In sum, brings many issues about sex and related topics into what one could say is one-stop shopping – Pick. Click. Learn.™

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