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Key Events in Jeffrey Dahmer Case With AM-Dahmer, Bjt

February 14, 1992 GMT

MILWAUKEE (AP) _ Key events in the case of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer:

July 22, 1991: Dahmer arrested after a man escapes from his apartment and flags down a police car.

July 25: Dahmer charged with four counts of first-degree intentional homicide after admitting he killed 17 young males.

July 26: Three police officers suspended after revelations they were at Dahmer’s apartment May 27 and allowed a naked, drugged and intoxicated boy to remain with Dahmer. The boy later died.

Aug. 1: Police chief releases police recordings showing the suspended officers joked about needing to be ″deloused″ after leaving the boy at Dahmer’s apartment. The tapes also show one officer repeatedly dismissed a witness who insisted officers left an endangered boy with Dahmer.

Aug. 6: Eight more murder charges filed against Dahmer. Mayor announces commission to examine police department.

Aug. 22: Three more murder charges filed, bringing the total to 15 in Wisconsin. Prosecutors said they lack evidence to file charges in one Milwaukee County death.

Sept. 6: Police chief fires Patrolmen Joseph T. Gabrish and John A. Balcerzak and effectively placed the third suspended officer, Richard T. Porubcan, on year’s probation.

Sept. 10: Dahmer pleaded innocent and innocent by reason of mental disease or defect to 15 murder counts, saying if found guilty, he’ll claim insanity.

Sept. 24: Prosecutors in Ohio charge Dahmer in 1978 killing after police find bone fragments at Dahmer’s boyhood home.

Jan. 13, 1992: Dahmer changes his plea to guilty but insane for the 15 Milwaukee County murders.

Jan. 27: Jury selection begins for insanity trial.

Jan. 30: Defense attorney Gerald Boyle and prosecutor E. Michael McCann give opening arguments. The first two witnesses are police detectives who take turns reading Dahmer’s confession, filled with gruesome detail on how he killed and dismembered victims.

Feb. 14: Boyle and McCann give closing arguments before case goes to a jury.