Big quake in Romania could topple many schools, buildings

October 29, 2018 GMT

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Romanian authorities say 170 schools and some 350 apartment buildings in the capital of Bucharest would not withstand a major earthquake.

They spoke Monday, a day after a quake with a magnitude of 5.8 hit eastern and central Romania, the biggest in 14 years. There were no reports of significant damage.

The Inspectorate for Emergency Situations said kindergartens, schools and higher education facilities such as the Law Faculty were among the educational facilities at risk.

Separately, the Alert project, which assesses earthquake risks in Bucharest, said 345 apartment buildings, some with restaurants and bars, are at major risk of collapse in the event of a big quake — 7 magnitude or more.

Some 1,500 people died in Romania’s last big earthquake in March 1977 as a 7.2 magnitude quake collapsed many buildings in the capital.