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San Jose Policeman Who Videotaped Sex Is Asked to Resign

February 4, 1994 GMT

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) _ A policeman has been ordered to leave the force and sentenced to five years’ probation for secretly videotaping himself having sex with women.

Joseph Padgett III was told to get psychological treatment and pay $27,000 in fines as well as resign immediately from the San Jose Police Department, where he worked five years.

At Wednesday’s hearing, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge John S. McInerny said Padgett cannot own any kind of videotaping or recording device during his probation and told him to destroy any copies of the tapes. He did allow Padgett to keep one still camera.


Padgett, 31, plans to appeal. He has maintained all along that the women consented to the taping.

″I’m guilty of fun,″ Padgett said. ″I didn’t harm those girls.″

Padgett was convicted of five misdemeanor charges of eavesdropping or recording a confidential communication. He secretly videotaping himself with three different women, one of whom complained.