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Princess Diana Yells at Photographer

August 2, 1993 GMT

LONDON (AP) _ Princess Diana yelled at a photographer who took pictures of her and her sons as they left a movie theater on Monday after watching ″Jurassic Park,″ the photographer said.

Diana left the princes, sprinted 10 yards to photographer Keith Butler and shouted ″You make my life hell 3/8″ Butler said.

She then turned and rejoined Princes William and Harry outside the theater in London’s Leicester Square, he said.

The princess, who often has been accused of courting publicity, usually tolerates the presence of photographers.


Her outburst followed a newspaper guessing game about merchant banker William van Straubenzee, an old friend who accompanied her to a weekend house party in Scotland.

Newspapers carried photographs of Diana playing tennis while van Straubenzee watched from the sidelines at Floors Castle in Scotland. They referred to him pointedly as a ″handsome bachelor.″

Van Straubenzee’s family denied any romantic link.

Butler, a freelance photographer, said he thought that the princess had yelled at him because she was irritated by the media speculation about Straubenzee.

″I think it was about letting out the frustrations of a weekend of being tormented by the press and all that has been written. ... I think she had just had too much. It was time to explode,″ he said.

He said that in his 13 years of covering the princess, he had had ″many a close encounter from time to time, some pleasant, some not so pleasant.″

Diana and Prince Charles are formally separated and conduct independent lives, appearing rarely together. They divide time with their sons.

The entire royal family has made it clear repeatedly that they feel constantly harassed by photographers and resent it. Usually, however, photographers do not report whether members of the family react angrily to them.