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ABC’s ‘Moonlighting’ Goes 3-D For Final Season Episode

January 8, 1988 GMT

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ You’ll see David and Maddie as never before when ABC’s ″Moonlighting″ goes 3-D for part of its final season episode in the first-ever three- dimensiona l network episode.

Some of the action sequences on the ″Moonlighting″ episode and a 60- second commercial for Coca-Cola Classic will be in 3-D, ABC and Coca-Cola USA announced Thursday.

No date has been set for the episode, which will air in the spring.

A new process called Nuoptix 3D allows the telecast of pictures that can be seen in 3-D with special eyeglasses, or as regular television without the glasses. All previous versions of 3-D produced a ″double vision″ effect for viewers without the special glasses.

Ted Harbert, ABC’s vice president for motion pictures and scheduling, said 3-D would be used for several minutes on ″Moonlighting,″ which stars Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis as bickering private eyes.

William H. Lynn, vice president and director of worldwide media for the Coca-Cola Co., said the special eyeglasses will available at supermarkets, convenience stores and fast-food outlets, probably with the purchase of a Coca-Cola product.

The company plans to make 40 million pairs of glasses available.

3-D films first appeared in the 1950s, but the quality was poor and those without special glasses saw the double image. Although the process has been improved, Nuoptix 3D is the first high quality technology for television, according to Terry Beard, founder and president of Nuoptix Associates Inc.

He said the Nuoptix process not only can be seen as regular television without glasses but involves a much less complicated production process and no special equipment.