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Farrow’s Attorney Cites Errors By Allen’s Threrapist

March 30, 1993 GMT

NEW YORK (AP) _ Mia Farrow’s attorney depicted a therapist today as error-prone and biased against the actress after the doctor testified Woody Allen was a devoted dad who wanted to improve his parenting.

Dr. Susan Coates, who counseled Allen as well as his and Farrow’s son, Satchel, testifed Farrow had dismissed her as the boy’s therapist because she was seeing Allen as well. Coates said it was normal when treating a child to simultaneously see one parent.

Farrow said her attorneys had advised her to break off the professional relationship, Coates testified. When Coates told Farrow she could not see Satchel unless one parent came in regularly, Farrow replied, ″Good,″ the doctor said.

Charging Farrow is an unfit mother, Allen has sued for custody of Dylan, 7; Moses, 15; and Satchel, 5. Satchel is the former couple’s biological child, while the other two are adopted.

Farrow has sued to have the adoptions voided. She says Allen defrauded her and the court by not disclosing he was sleeping with another of her adopted children, Soon-Yi Farrow Previn.

Coates testified that Allen, intent on improving his parenting skills, continued seeing Coates until last month.

But on cross-examination, attorney Gerald Walpin pointed out typographical errors, misdated sessions and misheard conversations contained in Coates’ notes on her meetings with the family.

One portion of the notes had Farrow telling the therapist that she and Allen had made a trip together - a trip both Farrow and Allen said never occurred, Walpin said.

In his questioning, Walpin also intimated that Coates accepted Allen’s version of events without checking with Farrow.

On Monday, her first day of testimony, Coates said Farrow went from raging against Allen as ″a moral tumbleweed,″ ″satanic″ and ″evil″ after learning of his affair with her adopted daughter to musing about whether she should marry him.

Coates said she feared for Allen’s safety at times last year because of the level of rage and hate Farrow displayed.

Farrow ″felt variously that Mr. Allen should be killed, she would like to kill him, or that she would like to stab his eyes out,″ Coates testified.

She quoted Farrow as calling Allen ″a moral tumbleweed,″ ″satanic″ and ″evil,″ and saying, ″Somebody has to find a way to stop him.″


Later, Farrow said, ″Maybe I should marry him,″ the psychologist said.

Allen, 57, and Farrow, 48, had a 12-year personal and professional relationship that began in April 1980. It ended last year after she found nude photos of Soon-Yi, now 22, in Allen’s apartment.

Farrow, testifying for her third and final day Monday before Coates took the stand, said Allen told her his sexual affair with Previn was good for the young woman because ″it gave her confidence.″

Last August, Farrow accused Allen of sexually molesting Dylan. She testified that even though a team of medical experts in Connecticut, where the abuse allegedly occurred, cleared Allen of the charge two weeks ago, ″I believe Dylan.″