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Oreos Are Going Kosher

December 24, 1997 GMT

NEW YORK (AP) _ Oy-vey-e-o!

For the first time, Jews who keep kosher can twist, lick and dunk the ever-popular Oreo cookie, the Orthodox Union said Wednesday.

The group, which represents Orthodox Jewish congregations around the country, said Oreos, Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies and other snack products from Nabisco now carry its ``OU″ kosher seal of approval.

``With Nabisco under the OU certification, kosher consumers everywhere can rest assured that they need not sacrifice kasruth standards in order to get great taste,″ the group’s senior rabbinic coordinator, Rabbi Eliyahu Safran, said in a statement.


The Oreo, with chocolate wafers sandwiched around a creme filling, celebrated its 85th birthday this year.

The OU kosher symbol can be found on over 200,000 products in 56 countries, according to the Orthodox Union.