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Oprah Winfrey Portrait Puts Talk Hostess’ Head on Ann-Margret’s Body

August 28, 1989 GMT

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ People who think Oprah Winfrey looks impossibly slim on the cover of this week’s TV Guide are right - the talk show queen’s face was superimposed on actress Ann-Margret’s hourglass figure.

Appearing under the headline ″Oprah 3/8 The Richest Woman on TV?″ the illustration of Miss Winfrey in a gauzy dress atop a pile of money is not identified as a composite.

And TV Guide acknowledged Monday that unsuspecting readers might think it’s a real photograph.

The lean body upon which Oprah’s head rests is from a publicity shot of Ann-Margret, according to the actress’ publicist, George Kirvay. The photo comes from a ″Rockette″ special Ann-Margret did about 10 years ago, Kirvay said.

″I think she was shocked,″ Kirvay said of Ann-Margret’s reaction to TV Guide’s cover for the Aug. 26-Sept. 1 issue. ″If you look at the two pictures, they’re identical. It’s even her ring on Oprah’s hand.″

The formerly overweight Miss Winfrey, who lost 67 pounds on a diet in 1988, had no part whatsoever in the cover’s making, said Christine Tardio, a spokeswoman for Miss Winfrey’s Harpo production company.

″Oprah would not pose on a pile of money like that nor would she pose in that revealing a dress. It’s not something she would ever do,″ Ms. Tardio said.

David Sendler, TV Guide’s national section editor, acknowledged the illustration could be mistaken for a photograph. He said an artist had used the Ann-Margret shot for creative inspiration.

″Ann-Margret should be thrilled because she’s got another TV Guide cover,″ Sendler said. ″And Oprah should be thrilled because she looks terrific.″

But Sendler said TV Guide had instructed the artist ″not to use photographs so literally″ in the future.

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