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Women Wrote to Support Woman Who Killed Boyfriend With Bowling Ball: Judge

June 21, 1985 GMT

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) _ A judge who sentenced a woman to eight years in prison for killing her boyfriend with a bowling ball said he had received mail from battered women urging a light sentence.

Glendon Wininger, 41, was sentenced Thursday by Judge John G. Baker of Monroe Superior Court. The conviction carries a maximum 20-year penalty.

Miss Wininger used a battered woman defense in her trial. She was charged with murder in the Jan. 4 death of Stephen Detmer, 37. Police said she repeatedly dropped a 14-pound bowling ball on his head as he slept in front of the TV at the home they shared.


The night before his death, Miss Wininger, who said she was afraid of Detmer, said she came home and discovered he was out with another woman.

She said at her trial that she decided to inflict some of the pain she felt. ″I thought if he felt a little pain, he’d realize what it felt like to be hit in the head all the time, and he’d stop,″ she said.

Baker said he wanted to acknowledge mail he received from battered women urging a light or suspended sentence.

However, the judge told Miss Wininger, ″I cannot condone your act, nor do I believe our community can condone it. We’re in an unfortunate situation.″

Baker told Miss Wininger that after serving a minimum amount of time at the Indiana Women’s Prison, she could ask to be transferred to a community corrections program. He did not specify how much time was necessary.

In arguing for a maximum sentence, Prosecutor Ron Waicukauski called Miss Wininger a ″jealous lover.″

Miss Wininger, breaking into tears, told the judge she was ″very, very sorry for what I did. I never meant to kill Steve Detmer. I will never love anyone else. But I will never hurt anyone again, either.″